You did WHAT?! Lunacy seems to be growing as a movement down under.

Trouble 'Down Under'!


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And so to the bottom part of the world…news, disturbing news, the sort of news which suggests that lunacy, far from being something that modern medicine has forced into a tight corner, is thriving in the younger, less intelligent examples of humanity.

What I’m talking about is the latest lunacy to be embraced by the younger, more stupid generation. Well, perhaps ‘stupid’ is a tad harsh. Let’s settle on something less offensive: ‘misguided’? How’s that?

As we’ve heard reported by those tremendous Swedes, the ones who were imposing compulsory sterilisation on those considered inferior before the Nazis, the solution to rising levels of CO2 is to have fewer children running about the place.

Much as the Swedes like to encourage the thought that Swedish flat-pack furniture and meatballs are essential, they’re less communicative about their sterilisation programme, motivated by racial considerations, economics, and eugenics, which was only halted in 1974.

That’s not far enough away from us in history to not cast doubt on Swedish research. Can we really be expected to trust research results from a nation who neutered their own until quite recently?

The Swedish conclusion about children is, sadly, not a lone voice in the wilderness. In Australia, a hardy nation if ever there was one, a rather peculiar development in young men has caught the attention of Australian psychiatrists. During the pandemic, presumably as a result of having far too much time to do nothing other than ‘learn’ from the loonies that inhabit the far reaches of the Internet, these young men have boldly taken one of the most stupid steps that can be imagined.

Worried to a state of near-psychosis, it would appear, by the end of the world, these young, biscuit-brained men have leapt into proaction. Seemingly convinced that their conversion to veganism, though a step in the right direction, is not enough to save the planet from destruction, these young, vegan men, have voluntarily had themselves sterilised.

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Yes. Young men. Young vegan men in Australia no longer wear their hearts on their sleeves. These days, they’re wearing their futile, nugatory, fruitless scrota there in place of their hearts.

At which point will we be able to prove that stupidity is infectious? Surely that time is close approaching?

So, let’s have a look at this bizarre piece of information. Now, for a start, it came as news to me that Australians hold second place for the number of vasectomies globally. I need hardly state that piece of news was news to me: I mean the collection of people who know about statistics like this do undoubtably a form a small group. Seeing as we’re here, though, allow me to inform you that the nation which holds the record for rate of vasectomies is….Great Britain! Blimey. I’m not sure how to take that news. Although I couldn’t have told you what I was expecting to find out, it certainly wasn’t that!

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My research, such as it was also supplied an answer to the most obvious question of all: why subject yourself to a surgical operation of any sort unless you absolutely have to? What, for example, is wrong with using a condom?

What’s wrong, apparently, is connected, as everything in this neck of the woods seems to be, to the environment. These hard-line consumers of alfalfa not only choose to not have children due to ideological reasons but, navel-gazers that they undoubtably are, they reject less extreme methods of contraception for the same reason. Apparently, most forms of contraception contain products derived from animals or have been tested on animals. Condoms, by all accounts, are now classified as dairy. You learn something new every day, it seems. And if you’re heading down under, you might want to take your own milk.

So, the desire of these vegan warriors to pay someone to take a scalpel to their nut sack is the notion that they are thereby contributing to the continued existence of the planet. That there won’t be anyone in their families to appreciate this sacrifice is neither here nor there, apparently, something I personally find peculiar. These people really have no ties to the planet they live on.

This is like some sort of weird cult…extreme selflessness so that others can enjoy the benefits you have provided. By having condoms on your cornflakes, and having your chicken skin sporran severed! It’s insane!

Truly, there is no other word for it.

And this is surely what most countries would want to avoid. We do.

But, when you look across the rest of the world, the determination is somewhat lacking. From Britain, as we know, there are accusations of the Hungarian government turning women into nothing less than ‘baby machines’. There is an incomprehensible hatred of women in that phrase, so much loathing that it’s hard to comprehend. Wasn’t the person who wrote it also, at the most base level, the product of one such ‘baby machine’?

Is this really anything other than the least appropriate way to speak of the natural propagation that has seen the human race not only flourish, but develop?

If our ancestors had eschewed propagation would we really be better off? Would the world be a better place if you, I, or for that matter, Jesus had not been born?

OK, OK, Jesus is a particular case, one where normal propagation doesn’t play a part, but you do see the point I’m trying to make, don’t you? What about Shakespeare, or Einstein?

People are losing the plot. We may have more people than someone thinks is ideal, but do we know that their calculation of how many is enough is correct?

Each generation faces new problems. If the supply of those who might be able to solve those problems is cut off, then all we’ll have are the problems. These young Australians have got themselves involved in an extreme cult, where human life is not only worthless, but something to be exterminated.

That can’t be considered progressive by anyone who isn’t bonkers.

At base level, down under, as it were, this story is more positive than negative. OK, OK, it’s a sad indictment of the mental health and mental faculties of a young generation. But, let’s find the silver lining, let’s hear the call of the bluebird, once more. With the assistance of these idiots, there will, fingers crossed, be fewer idiots for generations to come! That can only be a good thing.

And on that note, I heartily encourage the vegan warriors to show no deference at all to their vasa deferentia, and sign up to have their testes left forever untested. Welcome to your future. We’ll be sure to tell our descendants about you.

That’ll make ‘em laugh!