Which carries more weight, coronavirus or LGBTIQ?

A Brussels no-brainer.

I know it might look like a genuine question, but here, today, in the EU, it’s not. This question, or more importantly, the answer to this question has been decided by those who are known to lurk in the corridors of power in Brussels. As a question which can be answered, according to our EU would-be masters, with the bare minimum of intelligence (about the same amount that is found inside Lajos Kórozs's head), I've no doubt that even posing the question might be seen as provocation.

Korózs Lajos
Korózs Lajos Forrás: Facebook

Anyway, if someone happens to take offence, presumably they’ll get over it. At least, that’s what used to happen.

So, let’s have another look at the question; which carries more weight? Well, there’s a split here, which you might well expect. Brussels is of the opinion, nay, conviction, that we must all prostrate ourselves before all sexual minorities, even before those whose sexual deviation from the norm seems to be dependent on the changing of the seasons…on Jupiter.

And although you might feel that I’m speaking of things far, far ahead of us, perhaps the sort of things that your grandchildren might be required to face, let me inform you that I speak of the present.

As of 2017, a police officer in London has been Britain’s first gender-fluid officer, using separate male and female identities while at work. Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I’ll just stop for a minute whilst you get your head around that.

So…has the top of your head returned to its normal resting place? OK then, in that case, let’s continue.

Now, I’m sure that all of you who haven’t been hiding in a cave will be aware, even if in just a fluffy, fuzzy way, that there is a pandemic stalking the globe infecting millions and killing, well…millions.

This, you would think, would be a bit of a big deal. This, you would think, would wipe all other issues off the blackboard. This, you would think, would relegate all other issues, no matter how urgent they seemed before the pandemic, to the “deal with that later” pile.

And so it should be. What’s the sense in making laws about things if there’s nobody left on the planet to subject to the laws?

But, although that is the way that we should think about things, you know: logically, the EU have got another pine cone stuck up their arse. Yes, whilst those of us with their heads screwed on correctly are somewhat anxious, stressed, concerned, or simply downright worried about how many of our friends and family will contract the disease, and of that number how many will succumb, the EU have got other, not bigger, but other fish to fry.

Forrás: AFP

So, with a thinly-veiled reference to the Hungarians and the Poles for not supporting such ideas, the EU have, at this most opportune of times, decided that it’s time to criminalise hate speech against LGBTIQ+ people, and yes, let’s not forget that that involves people who just can’t make up their bloody minds.

Yes, obviously, this is the time, when people are dropping like flies. This is a heaven-sent opportunity to make a minority of society secure in the knowledge that nobody can call them nasty names. Of course, with the EU still juddering along in the wrong gear, it’s quite possible that this minority, too, will find themselves exposed to the threat of illness and death from the coronavirus, but at least as they lie in an induced coma in a hospital bed barely alive, they and their loved ones can rest assured that the EU attempted to make it a criminal offence to say horrid things about them.

Has the world gone fucking mad?! No, most likely it’s just the EU.

The liberals within the EU have aimed this legislation at the Hungarians and Poles for daring to have a different opinion about the family unit, for daring to lay down in law that a child has a father and a mother. At base level, we are to be punished for not allowing LGBTIQ+ people to blackmail us into accepting that they’re better than the heterosexual majority. This is what it’s about. Democracy; the rule of the majority, not of the minority. These people might be great fun, they might give to charity, they might be kind to animals, but they don’t form the majority of society. Yes, they have rights, but those rights don’t include the right to place themselves above us, no matter how loud their megaphone is.

Forrás: MTI/Balogh Zoltán

And we all know who won’t be punished under this legislation, don’t we? Yes. The masses of extremely conservative, Muslim, illegal migrants that the EU is busy encouraging to come to this continent.

Yes, you remember: all those well-educated, “broad-minded”, engineers that Merkel, a woman who learnt her trade in the less-than-transparent political circles of East Germany, decided, somewhat selfishly, to welcome on behalf of us all.

So, here we are, in the midst of a crisis. A crisis based on a pandemic which most nations are struggling with. And Brussels decides that the number one priority is to stop name calling.

Fine. Equal rights for all are required, but Brussels is going out of its way to create chaos. How many times have we seen of late that trying to mix Muslims, taught by the most conservative of imams, with members of society who see things in a more liberal way, leads to death and dismemberment?

Does anyone seriously think that the EU is going to punish and penalise those new “engineers” and “graduates” when they fail to play nicely with the LGBTIQ+ minority?

What we're witnessing is the transformation of the EU into an advertising agency. Busy putting out the message that everyone in Europe belongs to a big happy family. It's like watching a Coke commercial. At the same time, the EU is bringing into our continent millions of people who will never agree to what the EU expects of us. These Muslim "engineers" believe in honour killings and the violent separation of head and body if someone appears to speak ill of their God. It’s not realistic to suggest that these people can or will live peacefully with the LGBTIQ+ community.

The EU are working against themselves, and setting someone up for a nasty fall.

They are trying to bring us to heel. At the same time, they are creating a monster, a monster that will tear Europe, and individual lives apart.

Welcome to the EU, here’s your elastic yardstick.