What the Liberals refuse to accept

Conservatives truly believe in private life.

Of late, due to a scandal surrounding a Hungarian conservative MEP, a scandal which leaks like a sieve, if we’re being honest, the liberals and the Left, all over Europe engaged in an orgy of self-congratulatory tittering and sniggering. Rubbing their hands together in glee at speeds that threatened second, if not first-degree burns, they merrily toured the media and commented on nothing but the fact that a conservative MEP had been revealed to be gay.

And? So what? This, let’s face it, is only earth-shattering news for the oh-so-liberal lefties. For the conservatives amongst us, it’s a different kettle of fish; a private one.

But, to the nub of the matter. Why are the Leftwaffe banging on about this? Isn’t that a bit insensitive? Am I wrong, or have we just jumped over into a parallel universe? I always thought that the Left were the ones who claimed to champion the right of gay men, women, and anything/one else to be gay and, most importantly, left alone, unmolested for reasons connected to their sexuality.

That’s surely not the case here, is it? They’re revelling in the news that a conservative has been ‘outed’ as gay.

So what? It’s not a big deal, not for us, at least.

Once again, the hypocrisy gland in members of the Leftwaffe has gone into overdrive. No doubt, when the dust has settled, they’ll all go back to speaking kindly of gay men, and admonishing others for not appreciating homosexuals.

At the moment, however, they’re acting like teenage boys reading tabloids. They’re enjoying the exposure of someone whom they claim to stand ready to protect from the very people who couldn’t give a toss.

Like I said: it’s a parallel universe feeling.

Now, part of the elation of the Leftwaffe as regards this event relates to the fact that the man in question was involved in developing Hungary’s new Constitution, the one that had to be written far, far later than in other post-communist countries simply because the political will-power was found to be lacking in the socialists and liberals who hid in the shadows for a while when the change of regime occurred, only to bounce back and take control later on.

All other post-communist countries re-wrote their Constitutions as soon as they kicked the Soviets out of the door. In Hungary that didn’t happen. As a result, we had a cobbled-together, mangled Constitution built on Stalin’s Soviet Constitution from 1949! Now, this is important because by the time we got our act together, by the time we finally elected a government with a strong majority to put the country in order, Europe had disappeared up its own liberal arsehole.

As a result, Europeans fainted, melodramatically, in the manner of Victorian ladies when they read that Hungary’s Constitution stated that Hungary is a Christian country. My God! What next? Next? Well, we declared that marriage is an institution which exists between a man and a woman. What’s wrong with that? Most of our parents were men and women, weren’t they?

Oh, I get it…you think that we should follow Western Europe in pretending that biology is connected, in any way at all, to life. Piss off. Tell that to your ancestors, nitwit!

So, this conservative man, this conservative MP, and then MEP assisted in the drafting of the constitution, and now the Leftwaffe see this as an example of…what? Hypocrisy? What? Again?

Oh, so, as a homosexual, he should have fought the good fight? Is that it? So, he should have placed the feelings of the sexual grouping to which he belonged above those of his own opinions about certain facets of the Constitution…is that what you’re implying? 

So, as a gay man, he would not, that is, NOT, be entitled to an opinion which differed from liberal or left-wing gay men? So, what…now every gay man is, by definition, liberal or left-wing?

Well, that’s obviously not the case. The man under discussion is a conservative. Douglas Murray is gay, and yet he’s no more a liberal than I am. And let us not forget about Milo Yiannopoulos, former boogie man of the Left, who is also gay (or rather faggot, as he likes to label himself). So…are you organising tabloid-style stories to try and discredit him, too?

Or the solution to this riddle is that a gay man is only good if he is leftist or liberal - prescribing to the compulsory ideology of the Left? So we’re back to square one: 'social existence determines consciousness'. 

Oh, perhaps it’s the fact that Douglas Murray isn’t married. OK, but still, is this conservative MEP the only man in history to discover, post-marriage, that his sexual inclinations lie elsewhere? Surely, sympathy would be a more appropriate emotion for the Leftwaffe to display. This is, after all, a man whose family life has just been punched, hard, in the kidneys.

So, this man is to be castigated for not only not stopping the prevention of gay marriage in the Hungarian Constitution, but for ensuring, we presume, that discrimination against sexual minorities in Hungary blossoms as well as the economy? Have I understood the Leftwaffe correctly? I think I have.

OK. So…this is a mature man. An intelligent man. A man with 30-odd years’ experience in politics both in the Hungarian and European Parliaments. And the Leftwaffe is suggesting that he’s a fool for missing his chance to place homosexuals above heterosexuals.

What if he doesn’t believe that homosexuals are better than heterosexuals? Isn’t that a possibility? I, myself, subscribe to that view. Why would anyone be better than another person because of the direction their sexual attraction follows? That’s a preposterous idea! Absolutely preposterous. I know gay people, just as I know straight people. Whether they’re good at driving, squash, playing the guitar, or skateboarding doesn’t depend on what they do in the privacy of their bedroom, nor should it. Conservatives understand this. The Leftwaffe don’t. Well, they could, but they’ve decided that they won’t. Meritocracy shouldn’t be skewed according to what your sexual preferences dictate. Your ability to do your job depends on many things, but in the vast, vast majority of cases there is no direct causal link to your sexuality. Additionally, that’s your business, nobody else’s.

The man in question, too, was of the opinion that marriage was a state which could only exist between a man and a woman. So what? Is he not entitled to believe that? Is he not allowed to believe that homosexuals should be allowed to enjoy the same full rights as those of married couples without forcing society and the church to surrender to the whims of a minority?

Once again, we have to remind you: this is a democracy, the majority rule. Not the minority, no matter how visible they make themselves. No matter how loudly they shout and shriek. For all the West’s championing of democratic ideals, they certainly appear to be promoting the idea that sexual minorities are better than heterosexuals. Let me state one more time, for those who have problems with simple comprehension: Majority. Minority.

If the present sexual minority become the majority, of course, they will then be free to do as they like. That said, there won’t be many of us around to watch them do it, obviously, but hey – that’s biology for you, eh?!

And what of the oppressed masses of homosexuals? Well, are they, as we’re regularly informed by the Leftwaffe, oppressed more in Hungary than anywhere else on the globe? No, of course not. Even if we only consider Europe, that wouldn’t be true. The implication, no, the lie that we’re being fed here, of course is that bad things only happen in Hungary. Might I just remind people that in 2018, gay men celebrated the 50th anniversary of homosexuality being legalised in the UK for men over the age of 21? Prior to that gay men were regularly sentenced to up to two years’ jail time, with or without hard labour, for ‘gross indecency’. And that’s the UK, not Hungary. In Hungary, homosexuality was decriminalised in 1961. In England that date was 1967. In Scotland homosexuality was only legalised in 1980. In Northern Ireland, it became legal a year later. For men over 21. In the UK heterosexual sex was legal from the age of 16, but consenting homosexual men had to wait until 1994 to be given the same rights.

So…please, enough of the lecturing…you’re not as white as you’d like to make us believe. And don’t forget that the reason lesbian women didn’t feature in British law was because Queen Victoria couldn’t be convinced that women would do anything of the sort.

OK, but to Hungary, and the oft’-repeated accusation that we don’t treat our one-legged, bipolar, asthmatic hamsters as well as you do.

Enough of the rubbish published on the topic of how in Hungary human rights are like dog-shit: something to tread in and swear about. Let me quote the relevant passage from the new (yes, the new one, the one which you all claim is akin to a jackboot) Hungarian Constitution:

Article XV(1) Everyone shall be equal before the law. Every human being shall have legal capacity. (2) Hungary shall guarantee fundamental rights to everyone without discrimination and in particular without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sex, disability, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or any other status.

So, tell me – I’m dying to know…what’s wrong with that? Where is the offensive part hiding, because I’m buggered if I can see it!

Everyone. And by everyone, we mean everyone. What’s wrong with these people in the Leftwaffe? Which person isn’t included in that part of the Fundamental Law?

We hear these lies time and time again. But, repeating a lie doesn’t make it true.

The Hungarian Constitution, as anyone can see, does provide constitutional protection against discrimination based on sexual orientation. You’d have to be a half-wit to state that this isn’t the case.

These people, these liberals, the Leftwaffe, are doing what they always do: they’re lying.

They assume that nobody is going to bother to check the ‘facts’ that they lay down. They think that nobody knows that the Hungarian Constitution provides constitutional protection against discrimination. They lie.

These liars have been doing this for years – telling people lies about Hungary, Hungarian conservatives, and Hungarian legislation. The information about our legislation is available for all. It’s been translated into different languages. There is no excuse for the lies that the Left continue to tell about us.

Look and learn from the quotation from the Hungarian Constitution. Use your logic: if, in direct contrast to what the Leftwaffe repeatedly report, you can see that there is constitutional protection afforded to everyone in Hungary, then why would you ever believe anything the liberal Left tell you?

Ignore the lies of the Leftwaffe, they have no credibility. At a time when, given their alleged sympathy for gay men, they should be rallying around, they’re sniggering and pointing like teenage boys, instead. 

There are only two constants we can witness with the liberals and the Left: lies  and immaturity.

Private things should remain private. Manners, not sexuality maketh man.

Stop sniggering, stop sneering, and for the last time: stop trying to make political capital out of oft’-repeated lies. A lie is a lie. Repeat it ad infinitum and the only thing that’s damaged is your own reputation.

Having seen that the Left lied about the contents of the Hungarian Constitution, what reason do you have to ever trust anything they tell you?

Photo credit: Wikimédia Commons