Once again, the Emperor has no clothes.

Tamás Deutsch is on the EPP menu, it appears. Deutsch, a founding member of Fidesz in 1988, has been an MEP since 2009. Before that, he was a Hungarian MP.


And now, the EPP, the European Peoples’ Party, is trying to force him out of the the party family.

The one-time conservative EPP, which started to take in any old stray from the streets when they felt their numbers were dwindling.

Now, as a result, the one-time conservative EPP has effectively been ambushed, from within, by all the liberal and left-wing parties that the EPP was fool enough to allow to join in the first place. Suicide by the back door…something that seems to be turning into a European tradition.

Anyway, to Deutsch. Yes, once again, we’re obliged to step through the looking glass into the world of the surreal:

the MEP who started this campaign to force Deutsch out of the party group is an Austrian Christian Democrat, Othmar Karas.

Forrás: AFP

Yes, it’s another case of attempted fratricide. But this is deliberate blue-on-blue, this is intentional friendly fire. This is madness. This in-fighting helps nobody other than those who wish us harm.

What foul deed did Deutsch commit? Whose coffee did he piss in? Whose doughnut did he steal the jam from? What was it that he did that has caused so much outrage in the mind of Othmar Karas?

Well, Deutsch stated in two interviews that the methods employed by Manfred Weber to try and force Hungary to toe the line, were comparable to the methods employed by the Gestapo and the ÁVO (Hungarian communist secret police).

And...what? Is that all? To paraphrase Marlowe’s quote about Helen of Troy:

“Is this the flippant comment that launched a thousand acrimonious political attacks?”

Let’s have a little context. Weber, along with his familiar gang of cronies in the EU, has been trying to force Hungary to toe the EU’s line on illegal migration. The line of bringing millions of illegal migrants in, making them legal, giving them more welfare than we have, and then encourage them to vote for the Left.

We have long objected to this line, and have repeatedly stated this fact. As a direct result we have constantly been on the receiving end of the EU’s slings and arrows for years.

But, take a good look at Deutsch’s comment. What is it? Yes, it’s hyperbole. And what do we all know about hyperbole? Yes, we know that it’s not intended to be taken literally. This is not an educated, mature adult man suggesting that there are thumbscrews being employed;

this is an educated, mature adult man pointing out that at times the underhand tactics and relentless barrage of abuse that we are subjected to in Hungary is reminiscent of the enthusiasm and passion previously displayed by the zealots of the National Socialist and socialist parties.

If, for example, I were to call Othmar a ‘fucking idiot’, would he really believe that I’m implying that he is a man with an IQ level of less than 20, presently participating in coitus? Well, no. Of course he wouldn’t. For one thing, if he actually were an idiot with an IQ of less than 20, he’d be unable to comprehend the meaning of the words that I was using about him.

Hyperbole, we all use it. It’s not a crime. People of a certain minimum level of intelligence understand it. But not Othmar.

Othmar is employing a different tactic, that of faux-outrage. He’s not actually mentally, only morally impaired. He’s chosen to deliberately misinterpret something for his own good. He’s deliberately chosen to take offence at something that was never intended to offend. Do you really think that a Jewish man like Deutsch is going to bandy about comments involving the Gestapo?

Come on, Othmar, you’re doing human intelligence a disservice with your faux-outrage.

Deutsch’s comments were made in connection with the attempt to force onto us the vague, woolly ‘rule of law’ mechanism (for ‘rule of law’ read ‘rule of anything we can think of to legally demand that you be given a good kicking mechanism’).

Weber repeatedly stated that there is nothing to fear unless you’ve done something wrong. But we don’t trust Weber, or the EU on this, not as far as we could spit either one of them.

Forrás: AFP

This is the connection to the Gestapo and the ÁVO: that was their line, too. If you’ve done nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about. A passive aggressive threat. And that’s what we’ve come to expect from Brussels.

The EU is turning into the Soviet Union in this respect…a central committee decides what will happen, and all the little members fall into line. Or face the consequences. To see no comparison indicates one of two things: either you are an idiot, or it doesn’t serve your purposes to recognise what your opponents are saying.

Weber is a man with an axe to grind where Hungary is concerned. Despite being a member of the EPP, despite belonging to the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, he feels nothing but contempt for Fidesz. To this day he is labouring to force through the Article 7 procedure against Hungary. That’s probably because Hungary was instrumental in ensuring that he failed in his attempt to become leader of the European Commission. Petty man.

An attack on Deutsch is an attack on Hungary’s government, and therefore an attack on the citizens of a member state. Once again Hungarians are being attacked for the perennial crime of not bowing down before the liberals. Once again, we are being forced to defend our right to a different opinion than yours. Once again, the arrogance of some of the members of the EU is nothing short of breathtaking. Fidesz are the EPP’s most successful party, but they won’t see the long game.

As Orbán himself has noted, these days there is no medium or long-term thinking. These days it’s all about the next online headline.

And the EPP, controlled these days by faux-conservatives, liberals, and the Left-wing, has the audacity to attack, both directly and indirectly, the backbone of the party family.

An Austrian attacking a Jewish MEP for mentioning the Gestapo. An Austrian, what? Like Hitler?! An Austrian? One of those who didn’t mind having a member of the Wehrmacht for a President?!

Forrás: AFP

Othmar has no credibility. Either as an MEP, or as an Austrian.

The Emperor, once again, has no clothes, and is trying to convince us otherwise. Othmar, we see what we see, so for the love of God, cover yourself up and stop embarrassing us all.