What do you mean it's Chinese? What?! It's Russian?!
I'll have no part in that! I don't trust those buggers!

Double standards at (yet) another level.


It’s not only the EU that’s on course to take gold in the ‘double-standard Olympics’, is it? No, we’ve got the nations of the EU to thank for that, too.

And so the pandemic continues. In various countries it’s either plateauing or rising, or falling. Mostly, somewhat depressingly, it’s rising.

And we can all see what effect the restrictions seem to be having: precious little, as far as anyone can tell. Our lives are still on pause, and there’s little light at the end of the tunnel to cheer about as yet.

What light there is comes from a single source of hope: the vaccine which, we’re told, will defeat the coronavirus and the mutations therefrom. So, the vaccine is our only hope, but for the member states of the EU, depressingly, everyone agreed to allow the European Commission, with Ursula Von der Leyen as the arrow-tip, to secure enough vaccinations for all 450 million of us.

The trouble, as now we’re all painfully aware, is that Von der Leyen has a reputation that precedes here. Unfortunately, it didn’t precede her with enough speed, as in that case, people might have chosen someone else to replace the perpetual pisshead, Juncker. No, actually, that argument doesn’t hold water either, does it? I mean, before someone pulled von der Leyen like a rabbit out of a hat, the six candidates to replace Drunkle Juncker were a sad collection made up of the ‘billy no-mates’ club members. Weber, renowned for wanting to oversee a new relationship with Africa, Timmermans, the guiding force behind the banning of plastic straws, Vestager…who?! A woman who…oh, for God’s sake, you don’t care anymore than I do, do you?

Suffice to say it was what someone might describe as a ‘weak field’. And that, no doubt, is how we ended up with von der Leyen.

Ursula von der Leyen
Ursula von der Leyen Forrás: AFP

A woman who made a name for herself as the head of the German armed forces…for all the wrong reasons.

“Irregularities in the awards procedure occurred.”

That was the German’s way of ‘fessing up. To the Bundestag. About contracts of tens of millions of euros that were awarded to external consultants. Still, after the massive fraudulent tax scam that Juncker put together whilst Prime Minister of Luxembourg, and the fact that only the members of the ‘Billy no-mates’ club were up for consideration, maybe the EU thought that, utter nincompoop that she is, von der Leyen was the best of a bad lot.

But back to the vaccine. The situation in the EU is one which everyone should be aware of: the European Commission made a hash of everything, baulked at the asking price, and managed to secure supplies that amount to a drop in the ocean. The price thing irritates me…this the EU, a bureaucratic, top-heavy collection of well-paid dunderheads that wouldn’t blink an eye to cascade billions of euros into the open hands of one-legged lesbian bearded dwarves, yet grasps its cash even tighter in its sweaty palms when it comes to ridding the continent of a pandemic. Plus, the sooner we get the vaccine, the sooner business can restart which is surely a win-win situation, isn’t it? The ability to live on, with the added bonus of an operational economy and the chance to make money, buy food, and continue living! Pay a high price for the vaccine, but then be able to restart your economy sooner!

Anyway, that didn’t happen, and now, bottom of the pile, we’re having to look elsewhere for vaccinations.

Forrás: AFP

This has led, quite strangely to a new form of nationalism, oddly enough, a form of nationalism which might well cost the lives and economies of many countries. Now nationalism, as we in Hungary are very well aware, is looked down upon by those who consider themselves to be enlightened liberals. The Leftwaffe sneer at nationalism, all the while selling their histories and traditions into the mud.

But, when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine, the same liberals, the same jack-booted guards of the Leftwaffe are prepared, enthusiastic even, to try and whip up public opinion against two potential sources of protection from the pandemic. The Chinese and Russian vaccines are presently regarded as untrustworthy. In Hungary, the clowns that follow Gyurcsány, the Democratic Coalition, are organising a petition to prevent the government from bringing in supplies of the Chinese vaccine. Yes, they’re attempting to stop people from being vaccinated in order to

“not decrease, but increase the percentage of people in Hungary who are prepared to have themselves vaccinated.”

Off their bloody heads! This has nothing to do with the vaccine per se. This is, as we’ve come to expect from the lunatics on the Hungarian Left, nothing other than an attempt to gain political power through the deaths of your compatriots. And that’s nasty.

The logic behind the Hungarian Left’s continual gainsaying is this: they believe that they can use the global pandemic for their own ends. They believe that the more people, the more of their compatriots the virus wipes out, the better placed they will be to point accusatory fingers at the government, and thereby see their own star rise.

That, let’s face it, is nothing less than sick. That is a deviant, perverted, twisted approach to life where you seek to benefit from the deaths of others. For the Hungarian ‘opposition’, however, that’s par for the course. Let nothing stand between them and their bloodthirsty lust for power.

The mistrust is being fed globally. Those who have access to vaccines that are neither Chinese, nor Russian are fuelling the doubts of many by suggesting that these vaccines are neither as effective, nor as safe.

This, however, is all bollocks. What these people are distracting attention away from is the fact that if these vaccines don’t pass muster, they won’t be approved for use. Full stop.

This, from Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Péter Szijjártó:

“In Hungary, politicians don’t decide about what vaccines should and can be used. Neither I, the members of the government, nor members of the opposition decide on these matters, but experts in this field.”

Exactly. Use your brains people, and recognise when the Leftwaffe are merely seeking to use our blood to their gain. Give them short shrift, and remind them that they’re the ones buying everything from Alibaba. If the Chinese are good enough for the manufacture of everything, then why not a vaccine. Russian? That’s what you, your parents and your grandparents were vaccinated with. Why the apprehension now? Make your own mind up, don’t let the Leftwaffe convince you of that which only benefits them.

Every life matters is not a phrase you’ll ever hear from the Left. For the Left, only their lives matter. Don’t fall for it.