There's a man with his finger on the button. He's brought together the coalition of those with no principles.

Gyurcsány Fletó has control, but of what?


Well, far be it for me to beat about the bush: the machine he controls is nothing other than the mincer. Into that mincer, he’s managed to assemble almost the entirety of the Hungarian ‘opposition’ and now, this ever-more swiftly dwindling star is, once more, in a position that positively belies his standing.

This is nothing less than phenomenal. The importance of the announcement regarding the opposition lining up behind Gyurcsány Fletó, and nominating a single common candidate in every constituency cannot be underestimated. With this declaration, the recognisably non-existent clothes of the emperors and empresses to be have been well and truly laid bare.

All those who claim to be ‘opposition’ parties in Hungary, well, all bar one or two, have revealed that which surely puts them in peril.

By signing up to follow Gyurcsány Fletó’s lead, by putting their mark at the bottom of the contract that he, a man who is far past whatever best he may have once managed, they have all thrown open the shutters on their dirty little secret:

that they’re all unprincipled men and women who would sell their own grandmothers for another term in parliament.

These ‘politicians’ continually bang on about how they work their fingers to the bone, day and night, to bring light to the darkness that Orbán’s shadow casts over Hungary. That’s a lie. It’s as plain as the nose on your face, it’s as obvious as the fact that Gyurcsány Fletó takes his morning coffee with a chaser.

These people, the constituent parts of the motley assortment of microscopic parties to be found buzzing like insects within the chambers of parliament, are in it for their own good, nobody else’s.

This is their gravy train. Their work, to call it that is formulaic and insulting: Go to parliament, appear outraged, do a bit of ‘shouty-shouty’, insult the PM, get told off, sulk, and then collect a very decent wage and enjoy life. No responsibility attached. No responsibility required. These people are the last to want things to change, they don’t have the maturity to govern. Toddlers aren’t destined to rule, which is a good thing.

All the members of the kindergarten class have signed up to follow the pie-faced Pied Piper: Párbeszéd, LMP, Momentum, and…yes, of course, this rogues’ gallery wouldn’t be complete without dear, dear, confused Jobbik.

These people should be hanging their heads in shame, but are saved from this fate by having no principles.

But these minnows once spoke of principles, and it’s worth recalling what they said.

It’s Jobbik that really take the biscuit. By joining this fold, they have cemented their 180º turn from where they once started. For the benefit of theatre-goers, they put on a little play for the spectators as they joined the fold: Jobbik were the last to join Gyurcsány’s gang, desperately trying to convince people that they still retained a backbone. No matter what they claim, however, the fact is that they have become Judas to their own origins, principles, and supporters. This is highlighted best from the statements they once made:

On Gyurcsány following the 2006 state-orchestrated riots that he personally presided over:

“The man who gave the order to shoot out eyes”

In the past Jobbik sought to be identified with the desire to see Gyurcsány receive a jail sentence for his role in controlling the 2006 riots:

“We will be satisfied when Gyurcsány Ferenc is behind bars”

When Gyurcsány split from the Socialists to form his own party, Jobbik were there with a snappy quote about the man himself:

“Unscrupulous, power-hungry, cynical, ultra-liberal, a liar, a traitor, and not all there, either”

How things change, eh?

With the others, it’s less of a surprise. The other parties that have lined up to follow this pie-eyed pied piper are parties that identify with the left, or the radical left. They’re seemingly closer to where Gyurcsány Fletó stands.

Take Gergely Karácsony, the present mayor of Budapest and the leader of Párbeszéd, a party which can garner 0.5% at the national polls. In 2012, when he was a member of LMP (yes, he’s been a member of more political parties than most people have had hot dinners), he stated that:

“I hate the socialists more than I hate Fidesz”.

Not anymore, apparently, eh Geri?

In 2017 Momentum were busy bragging of their desire to break with the politicians of the past, as party leader Fekete-Győr András stated:

“I would like to send the political elite of the last 27 years into retirement”

In another 2017 interview, Fekete-Győr touched on the subject of the man who is now his leading star.

“…I don’t know what the Hell Gyurcsány Ferenc is still doing in politics. He truly should absent himself from public life.”

What does all this tell us? Well, it underlines what is obvious to all:

these political minnows want nothing more than to continue their easy lives on the fringes of public life. They have no principles. These people were born without backbones.

One minute they’re busy claiming to desire nothing less than a clean break with the past and the next, they’re lining up behind the most infamous fool of the last 30 years. What is this, ‘Back to the Future’?!

In conclusion we have to remember that we’re still a long way from the 2022 elections. Things will undoubtably change.

But, when, for example, Jobbik try (and they will) to convince you of their indestructible principles, just remember what they said back in 2017:

“In the future will Jobbik ever combine forces with any left-wing party? NO.”

And compare that to what they said in 2019:

“We’d work with not only Gyurcsány, but with the Devil’s old lady if that’s what’s required”

Flip. Flop.

And then we have what their leader was saying in January of this year:

“I won’t have anything to do with Gyurcsány Ferenc.”

Flip, flip-flop, flop, flip-flop, flip, flip, flop.

We can only guess what will happen between now and the 2022 elections, but one can be seen for certain: no matter what they try to convince us of, the Hungarian ‘opposition’ have no principles. And that means one thing: they can’t be trusted.