The writing on the wall relating to wanton Muslim immigration has been underlined... twice.

It may be far too late for some, but there's a lesson here that we desperately need to heed.

To varying degrees, post WWII Western Europe saw salvation for a myriad of problems in immigration. Britain, for example, exploited former colonial territories and so encouraged immigration from across the globe to provide much-needed workforce. The French did the same. Others less so, but this process was never on the cards for half of Europe.

Sealed off from the rest of Europe, Central Europe was never part of this labour-solicitation scheme for obvious reasons. The differences remain also today – Western Europe, run by people who saw benefits in capitalism is far, far richer than Central Europe. Central Europe, subjected to woeful state planning of the Soviet model barely managed to escape economic stagnation. A huge difference in wealth, access to credit, and attitudes to credit sets the two halves of Europe apart. But there is another, equally vast difference obvious in the populations of the two halves of Europe.

Sealed off, Central Europe did not participate in the unchecked waves of immigrants welcomed into, for example, the United Kingdom. Look at the populations of the UK and Hungary, for example, and you will notice that Hungarian society is far whiter and more homogenous.

This is something that perennially irritates the Leftwaffe who see the lack of ethnic diversity in Central Europe as something that must be addressed for the sake of humanity. Countries like Germany, burdened with guilt for their past racial transgressions, now bend over backwards to accommodate non-Europeans in their country, and tellingly want others to follow suit.

The Hungarians, along with the rest of Central Europe, are wary of such moves. With good reason. When Merkel’s arrogance reached its peak and she deemed herself to be the Queen of all Europe, she invited half the world to pack a bag and risk life and limb to start a new life in this part of the world. Merkel’s stupidity was, in some part, presumably motivated by a desire to improve the German economy. Giving this idea credit, of course, depends on us believing the patently ridiculous idea that an illiterate from the back end of beyond will, given the right surroundings, instantly learn a foreign language well enough to complete a university degree and enter the fray of the European labour market with spectacular results for the European economy.

All without constituting a burden to the state that has to feed, clothe, educate and provide shelter for the illiterate and his entourage. Silly barely covers it. Of course, what Merkel was doing was increasing the unbearable load on both the German and European economy as a result of wanting to be seen to be ‘doing the right thing’. Obviously, it’s impossible to kickstart an economy by increasing the burden on an overwhelmed welfare state, but with Soros pushing credit with all the passion of a drug dealer determined to make his mark in a new territory, the West – with the Leftwaffe pointing the way – sought to convince the world that it was possible to achieve economic success at the same time as engaging in virtue signalling. Pure piffle, obviously, but they’ve been pedalling this line in the West for so long now that successive generations have learnt to swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

But not here. Here in Central Europe we remain alert and, having noticed that which has befallen the West, there is no reason for us to drop our guard. We have long heard reference to the development of parallel societies, a term that Western European politicians hate with a passion. In trying to deny the existence of parallel societies and no-go areas, however, they are fighting a losing battle of proportions never seen before.

And the mountain of evidence to support Central European fears of what our countries could become grows larger by the day. In his recently-written book, Ed Husain, ex-advisor to Tony Blair, details how the situation in parts of Britain is all that we feared it could be, if not worse.

Savile Town, in West Yorkshire, is an area named after the Yorkshire industrialist Thomas Savile. That was then. Nowadays, according to the last census (2011) only 48 of the 4,033 residents were white British. Almost all the other residents were of Indian or Pakistani backgrounds.

Automatically, without any need for thought, that information tells us that the situation in Britain is indeed dire. Forget parallel societies, surely this is more indicative of the completion of a Muslim invasion, isn’t it?

Yes, that phrase which we, in Central Europe, regularly use when discussing the successive waves of migration which Merkel decided were the fate of Europe in 2015. The phrase which the oh-so liberal British press consider to be beyond the pale.

When Viktor Orbán was invited to visit Boris Johnson for talks regarding the post-Brexit relationship between Hungary and Britain, the subject of post-Brexit relations was deliberately overlooked by the British press. The only question the press were seemingly interested in was what, exactly, Orbán meant when he referred to the phenomenon of a ‘Muslim invasion’. Orbán answered the question, even if it’s a question which causes most Hungarians to frown in bewilderment... isn’t it obvious? Well, yes, and no.

To us it’s as clear as day: masses of people entering a place equates to an invasion. Add to that the fact that the overwhelming majority of these people are not Christians, or Jews, or Buddhists, or Mormons, or anything other than Muslims means that this is truly a no-brainer. Take the two concepts, combine them, and the fact of the matter is revealed: it’s a Muslim invasion. Simple, no? Again, yes, and no. Simple for us, still blissfully mindless of the fact the Western Europeans have long been dispossessed of the right to call a spade a spade without being crucified by the Leftwaffe. In the UK, politically-correct language was already gaining in acceptance when I was a teenager.

Year after year we joked about the possibilities for idiocy that this concept opened. We joked about referring to people as ‘horizontally-challenged’ instead of fat. Bald men were now to be called ‘follicly-challenged’. Short? No, you’re ‘vertically-challenged’! Foolishly, we didn’t recognise the power of the Leftwaffe, and whilst we were joking about the idiocy, they won the battle against common sense.

Before we knew it, ‘black’ coffee was deemed racist.

Where I worked you were expected to be more sensitive and thus ask for a ‘coffee without milk’. From this twisted logic, it’s only a short time before everyone is required to second-guess what they would naturally say, and then decide to not open their mouths anyway.

It only requires a short time for the rot to set in at the very core, but sadly the British have been practising this for decades now. This explains why they cannot see what lies before their very eyes. The British or at the very least, the British media by all accounts, have been rendered so absolutely blinkered by their politically correct behaviour that they are no longer even able to bring themselves to externally recognise certain skin colours or religions.

Thus, whilst being aware of the almost complete replacement of a community in West Yorkshire, they aggressively demand of the Central Europeans what, in fact, we dare to mean by referring to an invasion of Muslims as a ‘Muslim invasion’. The point they want to make is clear. We, as proto-fascists, or something of that ilk, are a backward, undeveloped bunch of fools who continue to languish at a state of development that the West left behind them long ago. This is nothing new. This is merely the continuation of colonialism. Where once the West sought to colonialise with armies, today they seek to achieve the same control via the media and the financial superiority they possess.

But what they refuse to see, the fact that they refuse to truly recognise, the fact that the Emperor is standing in front of the mirror stark bollock naked, is not something that should ever deter us from sticking to our chosen path. Ignore the condescension, ignore the fact that the British media choose to repeatedly dismiss our centre-right politicians as belonging on the extremities of the political spectrum, these are minor yet continual efforts to isolate us for having the temerity to think for ourselves, for having the bare-faced gall to decide to do what is best for ourselves, relegating the whims and desires of their multinationals beneath our best interests.

Ed Husain, who travelled the length and breadth of Britain, visiting mosques wherever they were to be found, found examples of both good and bad. There are areas in Britain where Muslims do participate in society as a whole rather than exclusively seeking to recreate the land of their forefathers in a wholly different geographical location, but that’s hardly the point.

The fact that parallel societies haven’t developed all over Western Europe, the fact that some parts in Britain haven’t developed into no-go zones is no compensation for the fact that some places have.

According to Husain, in some areas in Britain a caliphate is forming. People living in these areas live a photocopy of the way they would live in Pakistan, India, or Bangladesh. Multiculturalism might be a nice idea, but experiences in Britain have underlined that rather than multiculturalism, Muslims have merely swamped the existing culture and replaced it with that which they brought from afar.

Stunning as it is to even contemplate, in these wholly Muslim-controlled areas of Britain, Britain has been removed from the equation. These people have demonstrated the stubborn reluctance to integrate into the society in which they sought asylum of whatever sort.

Could a Central European imagine shops selling traditional tooth-cleaning twigs as opposed to toothbrushes?

Could a Central European imagine scenes where whole towns are populated by Muslim men in traditional robes and slippers listening to sermons delivered in classical Arabic?

Could Central Europeans stomach the idea of women being shunned in their societies simply because the clerics decree that it should be so? The simple answer to those questions has to be ‘no’.

To accept anything along these lines would be to surrender everything that multiple generations have fought for. Central Europeans are not renowned for lying down and surrendering so easily.

The lesson is there for us all to see. The Western Europeans have made their beds and are now desperate to force their populations to either not notice, or to simply lie down and accept that no-go zones and tooth-cleaning twigs are now part of their heritage, the same way that classical Arabic and extreme prejudice against women are something that needs to be tolerated.

In this part of the world we too have made our beds. Our beds were made whilst we were keeping an eye on the Western Europeans.

Muslim invasion? No, thanks. We’ve seen what it leads to, and we’ve also noticed that you’re no longer allowed to even call it by its name.

It is a perverted logic that attempts to persuade people that population replacement and a return to the stone age are progressive concepts.

The drop in testosterone in Western Europe means that they are ripe for the picking as far as a Muslim invasion force is concerned. The British for one have so long become accustomed to not being invaded that they apparently didn’t notice that bringing an invasion force in counts just the same.

Let us state once more, that which Western Europeans daren’t. The writing is on the wall: allow a Muslim invasion force to invade your country and the consequences are clear. Take a look in the mirror and recognise that the mere fact that you are no longer allowed to talk of Muslim invaders and the development of no-go zones reveals all that we need to know.

Thanks, but no thanks.