The Myth of Rightist Homophobia

Most of us in Hungary don't give a flying fuck about who's gay and who isn't. We just don't care.

Plenty of articles have appeared of late in media outlets belonging to the Leftwaffe (to borrow this apt description from Gav Duncan) at home and abroad about the alleged “homophobia“ of the Hungarian government and their voters in general. The apropos was the already well-known story of József Szájer, the former Hungarian MEP. 

The propaganda pieces all point to the same direction (as if there was someone directing the operation, but I digress): the Hungarian government is hypocritical because it employs gay people and at the same time oppresses them, specifically in a legal sense. 

Reality does not bother the stormtroopers of the Leftwaffe, since there seems to be no shaking ground at the voters of Fidesz. At least not yet. 

It seems to run counter to their propaganda doesn’t it?

Well, the sad truth is that most of us in Hungary don't give a flying fuck about who’s gay and who isn’t. We just don’t care.

It is not the Right that wants to enter bedrooms; it is the Left that wants to pull bedrooms to the streets. And, in order to do so, they have to enter. It is they who want to make virtue of people’s sexual conduct. 

Real and not imagined homophobia is pretty much non-existent in Hungary, and the Leftwaffe should look to their hoped-for voting base, i.e. migrants

The alleged hypocrisy stems from the fact that the former MEP participated heavily in drafting Hungary’s new constitution (Fundamental Law) in 2011, which defends the concept of traditional marriage (for those out there confused about it: one man, one woman and their children — a highly revolutionary concept at that). As he himself has stated:

I don’t think that the traditional concept of marriage has changed just because we came into another millennium.

Forrás: Unsplash

To make matters worse, a new amendment was also recently introduced to the constitution, stating that a mother is a woman, and a father is a man — another ground-breaking concept turning the world on its head. 

The propaganda-machine of the Leftwaffe claims that the former MEP is hypocritical because he’s homosexual and at the same time supporting traditional marriage. 

Logic seems to be a reactionary science: what the hell is the irreconcilable contradiction between the fact that the MEP is gay and that he supports the traditional concept of marriage? 

It looks like leftists went back to the dogma of Marxist orthodoxy, which claims that “social existence determines consciousness“. Unfortunately, other schools of thought, such as Christianity leave more room for free thought — so do people with basic common sense, which leftist loonies unfortunately lack entirely. 

You don’t have to support all tenets of the LGBTQYZDREGFS-ideology if you are gay. You don’t have to be a leftist activist to be gay, neither is it compulsory to be a liberal if you’re gay. 

These facts must be staggering. 

Outside the fantasy land of leftists and liberals,

there is no such thing as a “gay community“ or “LGBT-community“. People will not form a community based on their sexual preferences

(they may form these but those are deep underground). They can belong to local communities, communities of faith, a political community, a family and a relational community, a community of friends, a nation, but in general they just don’t belong to one community because they have similar sexual habits. 

It is as absurd as saying that people who like ice cream are a community. 

Forrás: Unsplash

That also means that people are able to think for themselves and not be told what to hold on issues like marriage just because they happen to be gay. As opposed to the paternalistic frame of mind of the Leftwaffe, I believe the sincerity of the former MEP’s beliefs. I do think that he can be gay and support traditional marriage at the same time. 

Boom, magic. 

He would not be alone with those two elements. 

With regards to the concept of traditional marriage, it is not an anathema to hold it. Western civilization has been built on these concepts for thousands of years and they seem to work just fine. As for its political dimension, it also seems to be supported by the majority of Hungarians. 

What constitutes marriage is a public issue; anyone’s sexual preference is a private one. 

— Or a religious one at that but that's not a political issue, thanks to Christianity. 

This is the simple way most people in Hungary think about these questions. 

Even worse, the outrage over statements about fathers being men and mothers being women point to the most brutal battle of the Left against their worst enemy: reality. You don’t even have to be a Jew or a Christian to believe these things, you just have to accept the laws of biology and reality. (And, if I’m not mistaken, the fact that the former MEP is gay does not refute the fact that his mother is also a woman and his father a man — as shocking as it may be.) 

Another blatant lie of the Leftwaffe is that Hungary is discriminating against LGBT (whatever that means, is that another made-up “community,“ just larger?) people and that the country does not provide legal protection based on sexual orientation. 

As always, that is false. 

Gav has already pointed out, it is stated unequivocally in our constitution:

“Article XV (1) Everyone shall be equal before the law. Every human being shall have legal capacity. (2) Hungary shall guarantee fundamental rights to everyone without discrimination and in particular without discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, sex, disability, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or any other status“.

What is more, the Hungarian legal system also provides civil union which also applies to non-heterosexual couples — with all the benefits and legal protections included. 

Another trick of the Leftwaffe is that the current government is “curbing LGBT rights,” since there is no same-sex marriage in Hungary. 


This is another example of the Left’s all-out-war against reality:

Non-existent rights cannot be taken away. 

Of course, if all the wishes of the Left’s fantasy land are to be perceived as ‘rights’, then, of course, poor reality always falls short. But, unfortunately, in the world of grown-ups, people are only able to “take away“ what already exists. 

For once, marriage is an institution and not a right. People usually find themselves outside of the majority of existing institutions and clubs and they don’t feel discriminated against (this does not apply to the leftist citizenry of fantasy land). 

People are complicated beings. Most of them just cannot fit in to the ever-current ideological whims of the Left. Moreover, there will always be contradictions in all human beings as there have been since time immemorial. Humans are contradictory beings by nature. The Left’s solution to this bugging situation is totalitarianism and doctrinaire ideological rigidity: everyone has to conform to the tenets of ideological non-contradiction. 

These ‘non-contradictory’ ideologies are beautiful inventions that are able to make our lives a living hell. 

If we give way to totalitarian leftists, the private will become public and vice versa. We had better not let that happen.