That wasn't nearly critical enough.

Here, let us show you how it's done.


Forrás: AFP

In the subtitle to Alan Posener’s comment piece in Die Zeit Online, we read that in the current budget dispute, Posener thinks the Germans should stop trying to force Hungary and Poland to accept their plans at the moment, even if that does create the impression that Orbán has achieved victory. That's almost a compliment, isn't it? All right, a back-handed one, I grant you, but even so...

Posener asserts that:

For many, if not most, Eastern Europeans, however, the problem is… …Berlin and Brussels. Which brings us to the current crisis.

And he’s right, but Posener merely glances at the reasons for the dispute, and moves on to attacking Hungary and our Prime Minister, stating that Orbán gave an interview to his (HIS!!)

“submissive house broadcaster Magyar Rádió”

in which he stated that the Germans were attempting to “transform the EU into a second Soviet Union”, the old “anti-Soviet acts” soon to be replaced by “anti-European acts”.

This is as plain as the nose on your face: the EU is asking people to sign a blank piece of paper, to be filled in by someone or other in the future, at which point we’ll be bound to whatever they wrote.

Posener derides the idea that the Germans are attempting to create a photocopy of the Soviet Union, claiming that this is “nonsensical”, something I can’t see myself. From where I’m sitting, the comparison seems startlingly clear. Sign the confession and we’ll fill in the details later. When has that ever seemed a good idea?

The most interesting thing about Posener’s article, however, is that opposition Hungarian MEPs considered that it had barely scratched the surface. Faster than a speeding bullet, a gang of opposition MEPs pulled on their hobnailed boots, slipped the knuckle dusters onto their hands, and prepared to show Posener how to really go to work on Orbán.

The assault on Orbán is led by Klára Dobrev. She’s the granddaughter of one of the communists who assisted in the execution of Hungary’s Prime Minister after 1956. So, not exactly a spotless pedigree. Further, she’s the wife of that embarrassment to the nation, Fletó, the ex-Prime Minister who set the police onto demonstrators and those gathered to commemorate the ’56 revolution. In actual fact, the word ‘pedigree’ is unjustified. These are mongrel pedigrees.

Led by Dobrev, we have a motley mob of DK, MSZP, and Jobbik MEPs. In passing, it’s hilarious that, according to the article, Jobbik are “right-wing”, and “conservative”! Yeah, right. Well, they were when they were first set up in 2003, but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since then. These days, Jobbik are to be found snuggling up to the ones they expressed hatred for back in the day; these days, Jobbik are Fletó’s mates.

And the article. Yes, the Hungarians are determined to outdo Posener. He scratched the surface, they’ll strip the paint off and reveal the wood underneath:

Viktor Orbán is an anti-democrat and does not stand for the interests of Hungary, only his own. The EU cannot make the mistake of simply giving in to him.

The title tells us what to expect. No matter that Orbán was democratically elected, no matter that he’s the head of a government that firmly places Hungarians at the head of the queue, no matter that this is not a case of “giving in”, they lambast the Hungarian Prime Minister and his government with lies.

In Hungary, no matter what outrageous slurs fall from the dribbling mind of Soros, elections are democratic. Soros has the outrageous audacity to claim that:

…Orbán exercises almost total control over the countryside, where the majority of the population lives. He controls the information they receive, and voting in many villages is not secret. There is practically no way the opposition can prevail.

That is nothing but gibberish from the deranged mind of a man who would rule the world. Almost total control? What? Because he’s popular there? He controls the information they receive? Oh, they’re so stupid that they can’t operate the remote control for the TV and haven’t got the slightest clue about the existence of the Internet? Voting isn’t secret? I’ve voted in the countryside…it’s as secret as anywhere else. That I know how my friends and neighbours voted is not the same as what Soros is implying. And the opposition can’t prevail? Well, working to bring down your own country will not necessarily win you friends, will it?

Dobrev and her mob see Europe as balancing on the precipice. They think that the collapse of the EU is imminent. Obviously they’re looking through a very big magnifying glass. This is a blip. A step in a series of negotiations. There is no danger of the train falling off the tracks, to suggest otherwise is disingenuous. A deal was agreed. A deal which the EU than reneged upon. If someone is to carry the can for this delay, then it’s the EU, not the Hungarian and Polish governments. Credit where credit’s due. Condemnation where condemnation’s due.

In a stunning example of how the Hungarian opposition relate to their own country, the article attempts to draw a parallel between the situation the EU leaders face now, and the failure of the Allied leaders to not be outplayed by Stalin at Yalta.

This is phenomenal. These Hungarians are so disassociated from the history of their own country that it doesn’t hurt them to consider what happened after Yalta. Of course, Dobrev’s family did very well after Yalta, as did her husband who rose to power as a communist in the Organisation of Young Communists. No wonder Yalta doesn’t evoke the same emotions in them…that set them on their path to glory.

Stooping lower than one would imagine a parliamentarian, even an MEP would ever go, they brand Orbán as:

“…a violent and cunning tyrant”

Violent? This, from the wife of the Hungarian Prime Minister who let loose thugs in police uniform to beat those commemorating the ’56 revolution? These people do truly reside in a parallel universe.

Another claim is that: “Orbán is not identical to the citizens of Hungary”.

Well, in conclusion, what can we say? This is the 3rd consecutive Orbán government since 2010. In 2018, Fidesz and the Christian Democrats gained 49.27% of the vote. Their closest rival? Jobbik, with 19.06%. And what of the Democratic Coalition? 5.38%.

Those numbers reveal that whatever lies spill from the mouths of the Hungarian opposition, Orbán and his party are identified as being closer to the citizens of Hungary. Much, much closer than the remnants of communist thugs.

Dobrev and her troop of traitors might think that the EU aren't critical enough of our government. The real problem is that they are loathe to appeal to Hungarians.