SZFE. The alien leader admits defeat, but what about the rest of them?

As anyone bar the most immature members of society knew, the blundering, incompetent 'rebels' of SZFE stood no chance against the people funding their interpretative jazz dance degrees. But what of the resolve of the rest of the interpretative jazz-folk dance troupe?

The University of Theatre and Film Arts, the university which more or less ensures that there will never be a global shortage of those skilled in the art of interpretative dance, will continue its work on a new campus. The government has decided to rename the institution, has funnelled enormous amounts of funding to renovate the new campus and do up the rest of the buildings, and has increased the floorspace that students will now study in.

The liberal press typically chose to present this dispute regarding the management of a state-run educational establishment funded by the taxpayer as a battle between David and Goliath. The liberal press rolled their version of the story – that of an institution fighting tooth and nail to retain its independence – across the globe. This inspired ill-informed luvvies worldwide to disfigure their soft palms with non-indelible marker pens in order to show solidarity with those being oppressed. But that was never the case, that’s just how the Leftwaffe wanted it to be portrayed.

The dilapidated buildings used by the students and staff required renovation, and the state was also justifiably determined to stop the intellectual rot that was associated with the institution. This was an institution where people received qualifications wholly unsuited to the world of work. There are plenty of Hungarians working in the world of film and television. Nearly all of them have no connection to SZFE. Training and a degree from this place is the kiss of death.

Rather than accept that the state, as operator has the right, and obligation to ensure that these students leave tertiary education with something of use, these students, spurred on by their leader, Mihály Csernai,

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genuinely thought that wrapping the entrance to one of the university buildings in red and white hazard tape would ensure ‘success’. Albeit ‘success’ which would cripple their employment prospects. It’s quite possible that the students’ primary mistake was to organise themselves under the leadership of someone who incongruously chose to grow a beard without a moustache to match. That’s only going to work if you’re a 3m tall beanstalk with a top hat. In that case people might think you’re going to a fancy dress party dressed as Abe’ Lincoln. Other than that you just look like an alien from the planet Zog:

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Then again, the pandemic did provide a way to avoid spilling the beans. With a face mask on, who can tell which planet you really came from?

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So, the youth of today, who thought they could defy progress armed not with serious dialogue, but with red and white hazard tape now have a new campus, more space and different lecturers. The government have instituted a series of reforms costing HUF 500 million for the renovation of the new campus building, and several tens of millions of forints for the rest of the buildings of the university. As hard as they might try to fight it, these students will now be obliged to study in circumstances suited more to the 21st century than the imitation Victorian slum they used to know.

There never was, as we all know, any attempt at anything along the lines of real dialogue between ‘Admiral Zog’ and his crew of misguided, hopelessly jejune rebels fighting ‘the man’. The whole sorry debacle had nothing to do with dialogue, and everything to do with the Leftwaffe’s monologue.

The message that was fed to the eagerly-awaiting liberal media was one of oppression, of misery and woe unleashed on poor, gentle, benign, vegan hippies. This message, this lie, was then fed to the luvvies of the international acting scene who diligently defaced their glamourous thespian palms with marker pens to proclaim their support of the red and white hazard tape heroes. But, we all know that it was bollocks. The only people who didn’t identify it as the bollocks it most definitely was were the poor, misguided luvvies themselves, once again bamboozled and then used as a tool by the Hungarian Leftwaffe.

The fundamental problem which led to the actions of the heroes of the red and white brigade was that it was decided that it was high time to separate the wheat from the chaff. This was a university whose name was less than mud. This was a place where people left, clutching degrees which would guarantee them no work in their chosen profession. This was crap education at its very best.

But, it was crap education organised by liberals. Under the gloriously inaccurate tenet of “we liberals understand art better than anyone else”. That, too, is bollocks, but the liberals always seem to want to have it carved in stone everywhere they go.

The liberals in charge didn’t like the fact that the state appointed a new chancellor and new lecturers. Of course, this wasn’t a problem in the good old days of socialist-liberal governance, because back then, the chancellors and lecturers were all of the same colour: red. The state has always appointed senior staff when it comes to universities. This storm in a (cracked) teacup was never about independence, no matter how hard ‘Admiral Zog and his heroes’ screamed. This was party politics, anti-Hungarian politics at its ugliest, encouraging students to waste their youth chanting and sticking two fingers up to authority.

Fine, you’re young, you’re potentially innocent of some things, like taxation and making enough money to live on, but this level of immaturity is embarrassing, even if you are a young adult. Your brains are meant to be almost fully-formed. You’re not 14 any more. You’re not an ‘opposition’ politican. Act your age. Grow up.

It remains to be seen if the majority of students, having done their bit, will now return to continue their studies under the new management. The ‘Admiral’ has stated that he sees no future for himself at the institution due to the fact that:

“The new management of SZFE has introduced unacceptable operating rules, the authorities have the power to enforce any change they see fit, the institution has no rights.”

Hammering home his point, he continued:

“Until now I thought that we lived in a state governed by the rule of law”

Oh dear. Well, maybe it’s time to visit the family back on planet Zog, then, eh?