Making your mind up, part 2

How do you spell sovereign?

Can you even remember how to spell ‘minority’?

There are, doubtless, people who are somehow born with no clear indication of which sex they belong to. Neither fish, nor fowl. And then there are people who, for whatever reason decide that their body doesn’t fit, and seek to change it.

But what we’re witnessing is hand-wringing and the dramatic clutching of foreheads about a bureaucratic procedure. Nothing else. Nobody is telling you that you can’t express yourself and your sexuality in whichever way you see fit. This is the state identifying you, that’s all.

Might I make a suggestion? What if the energies you are presently devoting to the issue of an X in a box on a form were redirected to the question of whether it’s a good idea to encourage people to have pieces of their bodies lopped off?

Wouldn’t that be a better use of time and energy? Hungary has a conservative government. A sovereign government. And that means that we are entitled to pass the laws that we see fit. We’re not the UK, we’re not France, we’re not the USA, we’re not Gambia, come to that.

We’re Hungary, and as a sovereign state, we have the right to manage our own lives and laws according to the wants and desires of our population.

Do we not have the right to pass laws without being insulted? A sovereign nation, a democratically elected government. Do these not guarantee that we vote for those laws that we want to see enacted? I don't recall us continually phoning media barons around the world to demand that they publicise our criticism of other countries, other sovereign nations, do you? No, because that's not what we do. We respect others. You, and you alone have the right to decide what your government wants to do. If it has nothing to do with us, then why would you expect us to stick the boot in?

You've got no right to tell the majority of people that they're worth less than a tiny, tiny, potentially mentally-disturbed section of society.

I don't care how loud you scream, you're still in the minority. That means that you don't get to make the rules. The rules will incorporate your needs and desires as best they can, but you, as a minority, don't have the authority to lay down that the majority must bend over to assist you because you're different.

Are you still convinced that it’s a good idea to feed children things that will stop their hormones from developing naturally? And what happens if someone changes their mind? What happens in a case where someone embarks on this new voyage of discovery, only to realise that it is, in fact, not for them?

Forrás: AFP

What solutions can we offer these people? Well, they can continue along the path that they’ve just rejected. That’s hardly a recipe for success now, is it? If they’ve just rejected it, then they’re not likely to add flop to flip and head off down the same path now, are they? They can try to go back through the door they just came through, but again, that all depends on how swiftly they came through the door and how far they went before stopping, doesn’t it? Going back might not result in anything other than Frankenstein’s monster rearing his bolt-on head. There’s suicide, but nobody’s ever suggested that suicide is an answer to a problem, and it’s the same here.

So, having rushed head first into this glorious idea of being able to correct everything which stems from an idea, an idea in someone’s head that they’re in the wrong shell, with the liberal use of drugs and scalpels, it’s starting to look as though we should have stopped or at least slowed down a bit before we ended up where we now find ourselves.

Perhaps a little more discussion, without the predictable screams of “fascist” from the sidelines, would have been a good idea. Perhaps we should have considered things in a little more depth. Perhaps.

At the bottom of it all we need to consider one thing which appears ever-more likely to be overlooked these days, especially in the West. That thing is democracy. Think about where the word comes from and what it means. Yes, it’s meant to mean rule of the people. It’s meant to mean that the majority govern. OK, I’m not suggesting that the rights of minorities should be ignored by the majority, after all, we can rely on the Ukrainians and the Romanians to do that, at least regarding the Hungarians.

No, what I’m pointing out is this: no matter how hard we strive to protect the rights of minorities, they shouldn’t forget, not even for a second, that they are, at the end of the day, a minority. 

An inconvenient truth for some.

There are people out there, muddying the waters, attempting to distract our attention away from this vitally important fact. Stop pushing the selfish approach. You are not in the majority, so stop acting as though you are. You may be; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Transexual, Two-spirit, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Asexual, Ally. Further, you may be Pansexual, Agender, Gender Queer, Bigender, Gender Variant, or Pangender. It doesn’t matter. What you need to remember is that you are in the minority, and irrespective of what your Mum and Dad think of you, irrespective of what your husband, wife, partner, girlfriend, or boyfriend thinks of you, irrespective of the fact that your dog thinks that you’re the best thing since cheese on toast, you are still in the minority.

You may be different, but don’t assume that that means that you are better. Further, don’t forget that this doesn't entitle you to dictate to the majority. Don’t forget that being different, whether that makes you better or not, does not entitle you to be treated as you want to be treated rather than how the majority feel you should be treated.

Stop being so selfish. Stop thinking that you are the best that anyone could be. And stop thinking that you can demand things of the majority simply because you’re different and have a megaphone.

Oh, and just to give you another chance to get your knickers in a twist, the government is proposing to enshrine the concept that a child has a father and a mother. That’ll stir up the hornets once again, I bet.