Making your mind up, part 1

How do you spell sovereign?

Making your mind up.

Part 1.

Can you even remember how to spell ‘minority’?

Sexuality, gender, men and women. It all used to be so simple, didn’t it? I know, I know, there are plenty of people, queuing around the block to correct me on this point. People who will inform us that even the Neanderthals had a need for gender-reassignment surgery, but their brains weren’t up for it, to say nothing of their lack of precise motor skills. And let’s not even start to think about the tools that they would have to have used; hygiene? What’s that?

All right, but whether we choose to agree with the idea of people in their…what hundreds? Thousands? Millions? Billions? I can’t put a finger on the number, and I sincerely doubt that anyone could, but that’s beside the point. The point is that we have the option of believing or not believing that potentially huge swathes of the global population have been trapped in the wrong body since time immemorial. Now, with advances in science, these people have the chance to be “reassigned”, and finally have a body to match their true sexuality.

Really? Is it really that simple? Can we really dismiss this huge, life-changing procedure as though the person who elected for the process is going in for a pedicure? Isn’t that a bit of a glib response to something which involves the sort of surgical alterations we might expect from Mary Shelley’s pen?

Just think about this for a moment: we’re talking about the removal of organs, the construction of replacement “make-do” organs, the addition of body parts, the removal of others. This isn’t a haircut, this isn't even a perm', this is something much, much more involved.

And yet, the impression is that the debate has been closed. Ask a question, and you’ll be accused of being a “trans-denier”, or a “trans-hater”. Isn’t that, I don’t know, a bit fascist? Here we are, suffering the slings and arrows of the liberal media on a daily basis, becoming ever more accustomed to being compared (sometimes unfavourably) to the most infamous son of Austria of the 20th Century.

Fine, we’re all big enough, and ugly enough to deal with that. But whenever we ask a question about whether it’s necessarily a great idea to assist people in chopping their bodies up, we are immediately dismissed as “haters”, with no argument or questions allowed. That strikes me as a fine example of how to act like a fascist.

Now we’re repeatedly told that genital mutation is bad, and it is. Unless someone lives in the West, in which case what happens? Yes, in that case they’re encouraged to organise a doctor to take a knife to their nutsack?

Am I the only one that can see a problem here? Am I the only one who thinks that this might need a little more thought?

Am I the only one that thinks that this might be an indication of someone having less connection to reality than the rest of us? Is it only me that sees a connection between the explosion of transgender desires in the children of the West and the navel-gazing that we see in the West? Look at societies that are less advanced than those we see in the West. Look at more primitive societies. One thing we can discern is the lack of navel-gazing in these societies. There’s no time for merely sitting on your arse contemplating the universe – there’s food to be hunted, caught, harvested, whatever. There are chores to be completed. There might be sentry duty to be completed for all I know. But the time to sit in idle self-contemplation, wondering what you might feel if you were to submit to every daft whim that’s ever registered in anyone’s brain ever...that isn’t there, it doesn’t exist, there’s no place for it, there’s no time for it.

This surely means that as a direct result, we’re unlikely to see more primitive societies, societies where the basic requirements of life are not guaranteed to the extent that they are in the West, suddenly churning out thousands of misfits who claim that their multiple personalities all have diverse, individual, distinguishable sexual identities to boot! That is, unless this is all just a fad, a passing fancy.

Now, back on earth, in a typical outburst from the liberal media, we learn that Hungary has banned people from legally changing their gender. According to CNN, this is

…a move rights groups said could lead to further intolerance and discrimination against the LGBTQ community in the country.

Forget, if you can, the idea of “rights groups”, that’s a new one as far as I’m aware, and concentrate, just for a moment, on the language they’ve chosen to use.

…further intolerance and discrimination…

Oh, so this won’t lead to the development of intolerance and discrimination, but it will intensify that intolerance and discrimination which is already here.

And…what? Is it only to be found here? Has the rest of the world fallen so completely into line with the Leftwaffe’s manifesto of things which we are allowed to think, that Hungary is left, alone, thinking that which others no longer consider?

Of course not. That’s bollocks. But, as we can easily recognise, there is a pattern to the language journalists use when writing about Hungary and the Hungarians. We do not start on a level playing field.

But back to the simmering volcano of outrage, over at CNN:

Lawmakers voted – with 134 votes in favour, 56 votes against, and four abstentions – to define gender on the basis of “sex at birth,” as registered on a birth certificate.

This quote, we learn, came from a researcher for Amnesty International.

But what’s wrong with the Hungarian decision? For the love of Christ, how else would you recommend we define gender? These are babies. New-born babies. And what? You think we should just leave the box marked sex empty? Seriously? You’re insane.

What have the Hungarian parliamentarians done? They’ve stated that in Hungary, the sex you are born will remain your official sex. That's all.

Does this really warrant the storm of abuse which has been whipped up by CNN, Amnesty International, and others?

If someone chooses to live as a different sex, are they prevented from doing so? No.

If someone wants to change sex are they prevented from doing so? No.

From Amnesty, once again:

This decision pushes Hungary back towards the dark ages and tramples the rights of transgender and intersex people.

Blimey. Calm down, calm down! “The dark ages”? Bloody Hell, here we are in 2020, facing a return to the Spanish Inquisition, it appears.

Stop trying to make this something it so obviously isn’t.