Leftwaffe outrage about art in Budapest.

Once again, The Guardian cherry-picks from what the Hungarian liberals place before it.

Once again The Guardian writes of outrage causing outrage. According to the bastion of the Leftwaffe, right-wingers in Budapest have been stung into outrage by the oh-so-sensitive, artistic souls to be found floating like clouds of acceptance in and amongst the population of Hungary’s capital.

Typically, The Guardian starts by putting the boot in to a democratically elected government. This is the 3rd consecutive term of government for Orbán. Despite all the squawking from the Left, Hungarians know what they want.

The squawking from The Guardian, the reason that their knickers are in such a twist, is…yes, you can probably guess, can’t you? Yes, that’s right: the BLM issue.

At last year’s demonstration of support and empathy, the organisers managed to field an embarrassing poster upon which was emblazoned the legend: BML. Yes, Black Mives Latter. Mever nind. Let’s also bypass the whiter-than-white Hungarian liberal rebel, Gregory G Ras, who not only has dreadlocks, but speaks English like a Jamaican. Still, if the liberals at the demo’ don’t have a problem with the appropriation of another’s culture, there might be hope for the world yet.

Krisztina Baranyi, mayor of the 9th district is the woman who pushed for a BLM statue. Baranyi is an ‘independent’, which is a nicer way of saying that the party she once belonged to disappeared into the ether, such was its popular appeal.

Krisztina Baranyi
Krisztina Baranyi Forrás: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Since ascending to the top seat of the district, along with her deputy mayor from the local joke party, she has achieved precious little, but has repeatedly drawn attention to herself, on occasion deliberately.

And that’s what’s grabbed The Guardian’s attention: the uproar that has greeted the announcement of the temporary erection of a statue to commemorate the organisation which has caused more damage to American cities than you’d expect of a civil war. Yes, the BLM movement, a movement which says that it’s all about civil disobedience, but a movement nonetheless which is associated with burning cities.

The statue in question is crap. There, I’ve said it. It possesses all the artistic merit of a child’s Duplo creation. The ‘artist’ is as talented as any window-dresser who feels up for the challenge.

Importantly, what the ‘artist’ has done is to tick all of the boxes to ensure a Leftwaffe multiple orgasm: The statue is of the Statue of Liberty, ‘taking the knee’, with her right fist raised in the ‘black power salute’. In her left hand she holds a tablet engraved with the words: “BLACK LIVES MATTER”.

Forrás: Szalay Péter installáció

So, let’s review what the ‘artist’ has succeeded in ticking off: The Statue of Liberty? Liberty and freedom for all…no matter where you were born! Wander the earth, find somewhere with better infrastructure and claim the right to settle! She’s taking the knee! Excellent, just like the po-faced multitude who have nothing to do with George Floyd! Maybe the artist will get a personal visit from multi-billionaire, grumpy man in a car, Lewis Hamilton! The black power salute! Great! History!

Teach Hungarian children about the hard time people were having whilst their parents and grandparents were cowering in the shadow of the Hungarian Stasi! And the tablet. Not a statute book, because that’s so old-fashioned, but with the subtlety of a steam-driven hammer, a message to those who haven’t got the message yet: BLACK LIVES MATTER. Finally, of course: the cherry atop the icing. The whole shop-window display is rainbow coloured. Prostrate yourself before that infinitesimal minority with a voice that can be heard resounding through the galaxy.

Of course, this pile of poo wouldn’t qualify as modern if it wasn’t rainbow coloured, would it?

OK, so the artist ticked the boxes, but he could have done better…surely there was room on the podium for a trans-gender lesbian man with facial hair sexually assaulting a bearded, gender-fluid, disabled dwarf, wasn’t there? Or would that have made the whole thing a bit too tawdry? Would that have rendered this artwork tat?

Leaving my brutish criticism of this below-average window-dressing, let’s hear what Baranyi had to say about the ‘art work’.

Baranyi stated that:

“The BLM goals of opposing racism and police brutality are just as relevant in Hungary as anywhere else”

This, she elaborates is because of the government’s relentless campaign against migrants and refugees, in addition to “systematic discrimination” against the Roma.

The Hungarian government follows the will of the electorate. The majority of Hungarians have repeatedly made it clear that they reject illegal migration. We’ve all just seen Vienna’s city centre being destroyed as part of the migrants’ New Year’s Eve celebrations. Who knew that surgeons and engineers could be such unruly wankers after a few drinks, eh?

Systematic discrimination against the Roma is something that ended with Orbán’s governments. To find “systematic discrimination” against the Roma, you’d have to look to the socialist and liberal governments that were ousted by Orbán. They were the governments who ensured, with hand-outs instead of real help, that the Roma remained on the fringes of society. Orbán’s governments introduced the idea of a ‘workfare’ society to replace the ‘welfare’ society, an idea which has, for the first time in generations, made it realistically possible for the Roma to advance along with the rest of society.

What Baranyi is doing here is telling The Guardian what they expect to hear, nothing more. Here she is, crying crocodile tears for the Roma, whilst she herself doesn’t hold back where other minorities are concerned. In December, her supposed allies in the local council released a recording of her referring to a “rotten git Jew”.

In an unusual defence, Baranyi claimed that by calling someone a “rotten git Jew” she was, in fact, displaying her anti-Semitic credentials. Ah, liberal logic, you can’t beat it!

But let’s finish on the Duplo window-dressing experiment. I’ve been thinking about it, about my recommendations to add more ‘wokeness’ to the damn’ thing…perhaps you’re right, maybe less is more.

Following on from that thought, if the artist had left the plinth empty, we’d all be better off.