Yet more wheels fall off the Hadházy circus-style sideshow.


And as another set of wheels falls from the train’s undercarriage and bowls along into the dust of nobody cares, the question once more is raised: how on earth is this sideshow still running?

Hadházy is a bit of a queer fish, it must be said. In essence, he just doesn’t fit in. Look up the definition of “square peg in a round hole”, and you’ll no doubt find a photo of Hadházy staring back at you from the page. Initially a vet by training, in the world of politics he seems to have carved a niche out for himself: that niche being the squarest peg in history which can’t, no matter what, fit in anywhere.

Forrás: MTI/Varga György

Hadházy was initially a member of Fidesz in Szekszárd, but that didn’t suit him. Leaping from party to party like a bed-bug with a goatee, he opened negotiations with LMP. Hadházy truly became known to the public when, having dramatically left LMP on the day of the election, he claimed the party leadership had intimidated party candidates into making them stay the course. At a fractious meeting, someone lunged at Hadházy. He then fell over his chair and hit his head on a radiator, losing consciousness for a small period.

According to those who know him, Hadházy is, somewhat like the KGB, the Stasi, and, of course, the Hungarian ÁVH, permanently ‘wired for sound’.

That meant that he was able to milk the event to the maximum.

Typically, seeking to maximise the amount of attention he garnered, Hadházy refused to attend the opening session of parliament in 2018, claiming that it was ‘illegitimate’. He took his oath in an empty chamber a month later, by which time, I presume, all concerns about illegitimacy had faded from memory. When LMP rapped him over the knuckles for behind-the-scenes negotiations with other parties, Hadházy jumped ship, all whilst retaining his mandate, to continue serving his own interests as an independent MP.

Forrás: MTI/Kovács Tamás

Hadházy’s assumed role in Hungarian politics is where things go awry. He looks in his mirror and sees reflected a fearless warrior, fighting against corruption and Orbán. Everyone else, peering over his shoulder, sees a one-time animal doctor, desperately hoping to be recognised as ring master of the opposition circus. A man with no purpose, he’s been adrift with no discernible relevance in Hungarian politics for a long time. Sighted every now and then on the horizon, ranging hither and thither, he swoops out of the shadows to bring light to confusing targets. In December 2018 a group of opposition MPs tried to force their way into the studios of the state television broadcasting company. It was pathetic. Watching it was akin to seeing toddlers being allowed into the teachers’ room for the first time. The idea of the ‘protest’ was to show that media freedom is non-existent in Hungary: they didn’t let us disrupt a live broadcast, therefore our point is proven – there is no media freedom! For those watching these antics, it was cringeworthy, especially with Hadházy’s spiderman impression…

That these people are of the opinion that they are suited, in any way, and at any level, for the responsibilities of governance, is nothing short of delusional.

Forrás: Facabook

The poor, deluded fools who ran about the state tv headquarters like naughty toddlers have, for the most part, fallen by the wayside. Their time, such as it was, has gone.

Hadházy, however, has continued to skirt the fringes of sanity, occasionally popping up to reveal something that he considers earth-shattering. On all these occasions, the most earth-shattering facet of Hadházy’s revelations has tended to be the tastelessness involved. Most recently, Hadházy has commissioned himself as one of the leading critics of the government’s handling of the coronavirus crisis. At the end of last year, this lone, crusading critic of the government tried to force his way into a hospital in Szekszárd. Hadházy said he wanted to see for himself if the troubling news he’d heard was true. Brandishing his MP identification like some sort of magical skeleton key, Hadházy was repeatedly rebuffed in his attempts to gain access, given that his MP identity card isn’t the magical skeleton key master Yoda told him it was. Undeterred by the fact that the video was akin to a pastiche of Benny Hill, Hadházy plastered the video all over the Internet, even adding the Benny Hill theme tune, himself!

Armed with his paranoid, unflexing belief that the truth is out there, and it’s his mission to reveal that which the Hungarian government is not telling us, Hadházy has reinvented himself as a suspicious crusader of sorts. Fine, everyone needs a hobby, but it’s starting to look as though Hadházy needs to up his present medication. Having been in the wilderness for so long, hanging back, avoiding company, the stress of being a lone rider seen on the horizon and all that appears to have taken a heavy toll on our reputed hero. His moral compass is screwed. Having spectacularly failed to work his magic and get into the Szekszárd hospital from where he could have revealed…Christ knows what, he’s now taken the next, semi-logical step, and moved from hospitals to morgues.

In a video he released, with wording designed to protect his own arse, he stated that “according to the person who filmed this”, the bodies seen in the video were the corpses of people who had died as a result of the coronavirus in their own homes. In his search for yet more evidence of conspiracy, Hadházy asks why these people didn’t make it into hospital.

The video, I need hardly state, was a fairly distressing affair. Censored on news reports, it was displayed in all its brazen glory on Hadházy’s social media page. Nice. Classy. Posting videos of the dead relatives of strangers. Lovely. Interestingly enough, the video was soon removed.

Whether this is a result of Hadházy rediscovering his moral compass, or merely as a result of social media desperately wanting to be seen to do their bit in an attempt to improve their standing, remains to be seen. The ensuing investigation revealed, of course, that the dead people featured in the video were not coronavirus victims and while irregularities were indeed uncovered, these had nothing to do with the government, but with the establishment operated by the opposition-led local government.

At the end of the day, this is what we have: a hopeless lost buffoon. A man wandering the country utterly convinced of the mission he’s set himself, utterly unaware of what is obvious to everyone but him: the last set of wheels has fallen off his wagon. He’s dragging himself through the dust, nothing more. Nothing to see here, nothing to see.