Fighting the woke fight

With statues.

Oh yes. We’re much ‘woker’ than you! Anything you can do, we can do more ‘woke’. Welcome to one of the centres of idiocy in Budapest; the 9th district.

Today, the 9th district is controlled by a motley assortment of opposition politicians. Yes, yes, I know that whenever the opposition fail to get in, they run to the international press with desperate, heart-rending stories of woe to pour into the Western media’s eager, believing ears. Idiotic and immature as they tend to be, even this bunch of assorted ne’er-do-wells have the nonce to recognise that when they do get in, they should avoid claiming that they can’t. Stories of dictatorship and the impossibility of the task they face fall flatter than a pancake when it’s them who get elected, not the representatives of the government.

The 9th district has been under the control of the present mayor, Krisztina Baranyi since October 2019.

Baranyi Krisztina
Baranyi Krisztina Forrás: MTI/Mohai Balázs

Just to show how seriously the Hungarian opposition take their jobs, one of the mayor’s deputies comes from the ‘Hungarian two-tailed dog’ party. A joke party that once elected, should have had the good manners to relinquish their place at the table.

Baranyi is a politician without a party, the party she once belonged to was formed in 2013 and folded in June 2018 due to receiving 0.64% of the popular vote in the national elections.

Baranyi has now thrust herself into the headlines, however, with her local government’s plan to erect a “monument paraphrase intended for a public space which concerns and brings into play topical social and political issues such as Black Lives Matter, or prejudice in society related to the LGBTQ+ minority.”

Your guess is as good as mine regarding what a ‘paraphrase’ might actually be in this sense.

The kneeling (oh, but of course!) statue is also meant to resonate with those lovely people who spend half of this year toppling statues of people who weren’t as woke as they should have been. So: BLM, prejudice in society related to LGBTQ+, and hatred of all things past. Bugger me; that’s a fair amount to convey with just a kneeling figure.

So, this is the way that the local council has decided to demonstrate its ‘woke’ credentials, is it? Erecting a statue which has little, if anything, to do with the residents of Budapest, Hungary, or even Europe, if it comes to that.

This woman in charge of a mess of political allies united by one thing: hatred for the Prime Minister, is seriously contemplating erecting a statue to honour those who spent the summer burning neighbourhoods in the USA.

I don’t see where the connection is to be found between the illegal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and a district in Budapest, most renowned for its football team.

Forrás: MTI/Beliczay László

But of course, this is a left-wing, liberal loony that has, somewhat unfortunately, been elevated to the top of the tree in this district. It matters not that everyone who meets her for the first time comes away in a semi-comatose state, unable to fully comprehend the lack of intelligence she possesses, she was elected mayor, and we’re all paying the price.

It doesn’t seem to matter that Mr Floyd was not killed in Europe, that he didn’t breathe his last in Central Europe, that he wasn’t suffocated to death by a policeman in Hungary, or that, of all places, his killing didn’t take place in Ferencváros, the 9th district of Budapest.

No, none of that matters. This is, of course, a political message, an attempt to provoke the majority of the population of the country. They’re the conservative voters, they’re the ones who voted in the Prime Minister and his party. They’re the ones that the liberal Left want to insult, irritate, provoke, and offend. The conservatives, as we know, are the majority. Once again, we come up against the same old problem: the oh-so-liberal people of Budapest, the ones that think that they’re better than the rest of the country, driving cars, not tractors, etc., etc. Snobs, intellectually and otherwise. These self-proclaimed intellectuals of Budapest have always been more liberal than the rest of the country, and now, having gained several districts in the 2019 local government elections, they’re whooping with joy. And this is the result. In lieu of running the districts, these mental pygmies spend an awful lot of their time trying to get up the noses of the majority. Local council time which, doubtless, could have been spent on something more deserving such as rehabilitation of council flats for one, has been spent on coming up with that which will most offend the majority of Hungarians.

Once again, the minority, shrieking into their megaphone, claim that they have the right to do what the majority don’t agree with. Once again, democracy has been undone.

What we’re witnessing here is petty political party point-scoring with a hefty price. The price won’t necessarily be paid by the idiots who have come up with this plan to erect a…what was it again? A “monument paraphrase intended for a public space which concerns and brings into play topical social and political issues such as Black Lives Matter, or prejudice in society related to the LGBTQ+ minority.”

No, the price will be paid by your average resident of the district. Wasting money is a charge which is always levelled at Fidesz by the opposition, whereas anyone with even barely working eyesight can plainly see that this is something that the liberal Left do to a T. All at once, they’re provoking every normal person in Hungary. Every normal person who thinks that an organisation funded by ANTIFA who are, in turn funded by Soros, should never be encouraged in their campaign of destruction. Normal people don’t want that. Of course, the other belittling element of this ridiculous plan is money, the money that could be spent on better things, will now be wasted on a piece of tat which has nothing to do with this continent, let alone this district.

Forrás: AFP
Forrás: AFP

This statue, or rather the plan to erect it, has nothing to do with George Floyd, the police in Minneapolis, racism around the globe or prejudice against the tiny minority who selfishly think that they can gain significance by altering sex every half hour or so. No, this is about power, pure and simple.

This is about ignoring the will of the majority and forcing people at gunpoint to tolerate the dictatorial impulses of the liberal Left. This statue serves no purpose other than to highlight, once again, that in Hungary, the opposition are toddlers in the midst of a tantrum. Until such time as they grow up, expect nothing but pathetic displays of ‘wokeness’. This is what the West don’t choose to listen to when Hungary is being discussed.

When the liberal Left Hungarian ‘opposition’ are concerned, open your eyes and see: they’re all mouth, no trousers.