Ex-pats in Budapest. Ready, indeed willing, to be led by the nose?

Take a step back and consider the arrogance.

In the local government elections of 2019, the opposition parties of Hungary tried a new tactic in Budapest: they actively targeted the votes of the foreigners residing in Hungary. This was the first time that I’d ever witnessed anyone courting the votes of the ex-pats.

Budapest itself tends to identify as more liberal than conservative. The same can be said of the ex-pats who reside here. It’s also a recognised fact that the vast majority of them identify with the Left. It’s obviously difficult to accurately explain why this is so, but one important factor is the media.

Although we hear on a daily basis that the media in Hungary are controlled by the government, those who live in Hungary can recognise this for the rubbish that it is. But there is one important fact that cannot be understated: if you don’t speak Hungarian, if you don’t read Hungarian, if you can’t understand Hungarian, then your opinion is subject to extreme levels of bias.

Take Reporters Without Borders, for example. They unwittingly reveal that they haven’t been paying attention to the situation in Hungary, stating that:

“Government politicians do not give interviews to government-critical media outlets.”

Of course, if they lived here, and watched TV, they would realise that they are lying: it’s not uncommon to see members of the Hungarian government on ATV, for example.

By contrast, it’s the ‘opposition’ MPs that do not give interviews to media which they consider to be supportive of the government:

Not comprehending Hungarian means that they are reliant on second and third-hand information. These ex-pats are reading news written from outside the country, by people who don’t speak Hungarian themselves. That’s like me reading the Scottish Daily Record to gain information about Albania.

Quite how much of an effect the foreign-language media has on the ex-pats is impossible to state. But, when we look at the way that they were targeted in 2019, then we can see that they were targeted on the basis of all the old lies that we’ve come to expect from the Leftwaffe. Have a look at the flyer which targeted foreigners in the 9th district:

2019 ex-pat voter encouragement.
2019 ex-pat voter encouragement.

Just look at the inflammatory language that they’re using:
“…the authoritarian, anti-EU…”
“The democratic opposition.”

As though the government wasn’t elected democratically!

“…defeat Orbán’s puppet…”
“…the extremist, totalitarian regime…”
“Help us stop the decline of democracy”

The language they elected to use is nothing short of outrageous. But, consider the view from the forlorn foreign student or whoever, who speaks no Hungarian, knows no Hungarians, and can’t get a grip, or more likely can’t be bothered to get a grip on the Hungarian political scene.

For someone like that, this flyer is an eye-opener. Now, the heroic foreigner has a chance to swoop down from the skies to help the Hungarian people. With their vote they will be able to defeat the extreme, totalitarian, non-democratic, authoritarian regime of puppets determined to force democracy into decline and destroy the EU. Who wouldn’t spend 5 minutes to achieve such heroism?

Only, hang on, the problem is that it’s all bollocks. If the logic of the pamphlet is to be followed, then all elected mayors are mere puppets, an idea which is unintelligent and insulting to every political actor.

But these foreigners don’t know any better. They honestly believe that they’re better than us, even if they don’t have a clue about what’s going on. All at once convinced of their own superiority whilst wholly unaware of the situation. Led by the nose by those who detest the present government, unable to determine the truth, and assured of their pre-eminence, they leave themselves open to believing any old rubbish that people tell them…

That woman is quite obviously lost in a galactic-sized snowstorm of confusion. Here she is, living in a country she’s unable to connect with, blindly following what she’s been told by people who despise the current government. If she hates the present government it’s only because others have told her that’s the right thing to do.

Fine, stupidity abounds, there’s nothing new about that. But, just stop for a minute to consider the implications of what this poor, deluded woman believes. With all the arrogance that the West can muster, she’s written off huge swathes of Hungarian society as not only ignorant, but also lacking in sense. Nonetheless, all she’s managed to do is to expose her own lack of intelligence.

“They only have information that they are fed by the current government and they don’t know any other information.”

What is this? A bad joke? Would anyone, other than a recently lobotomised fool believe what this woman evidently does? Just how low an opinion of Hungary does she have? Her opinion is so low it’s practically underground! This woman, this arrogant clown, believes that towards the end of the second decade in the new millennium, Hungarians living outside Budapest are so phenomenally empty-headed that they’re unaware of things like the Internet, and commercial TV. Surely this woman can’t be as thick as to believe the words that she’s uttering, can she? That would qualify her for medical treatment, wouldn’t it? Well, if not treatment, then medical study surely: a world first; a walking, talking, living female brain donor.

Two things strike me as phenomenal where this woman is concerned: the lack of intelligence, and the arrogance. I, stupidly as it turns out, thought that the arrogance from the West was in decline. Sadly, that’s not the case. And, as we can see from this woman, it’s not the natural arrogance of youth that we have to deal with here.

Here is a woman who believes that people who reside in the Hungarian countryside are fools who lack the capacity for thought. These unfortunate semi-humans, these barely sentient bipeds live a life of unconscious misery, unable to access any other information than that which is provided for them by the hateful government which they support. Can this woman really be this lacking in intelligence?

This woman should be ashamed of herself. How dare she insult the majority population of the country that continues to tolerate her presence? How dare she? Well, that’s simple. She’s from the West, she knows better than us. Arrogant bitch.