Ervin Nagy, cancelled.

Welcome to the free world.


Yes, the so-called free world and all its advocates keep on rolling along, crushing and excluding those that they become displeased with.

Editing, censoring, and cancelling on social media truly picked up the pace last year.

There were some high-profile cases of people being ‘cancelled’, having their online presence eradicated by a dedicated group of liberals who decided that this person had transgressed one of their modern rules.

The author of the Harry Potter books, J K Rowling, was considered to have insulted the Gods (Goddesses?) of Transsexuality when commenting on a new Tampax advert. The advert stated, somewhat unexpectedly, that

“Not all people with periods are women”

Yeah, maybe, but I’ve never heard of a man with uterus either!

Rowling tweeted, saying:

“I’m sure there used to be a word for these people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

Even her humour in this situation didn’t help her attempt to restrain the more cretinously stupid members of the human race, uteruses be damned!

Within a matter of what seemed like seconds, the Staatspolizei of Twitter gave the signal, and the whole of the liberal world started queuing up to deliver ‘more tolerant than thou’ messages, typically in a less than tolerant manner. Ah, sweet irony: let me look you in the eye and tell you that I’m kind, even as I crush your testicles in the vice of liberalism!

The culture of ‘cancelling’ someone, quite obviously, is yet another fight over power. There’s a connection to the old communist states here. The commies thought that to distract people from the obvious dictatorial nature of their governments, it was enough to put a nice word into the country’s name. Remember the DDR?

Oh, well, they must be nice and democratic. After all they’ve used the word ‘democratic’ in the country’s name, haven’t they? What about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? Well now, what could be wrong with them?

Not only are they democratic, but the whole country belongs to the people. That’s nice, isn’t it?

These sad, deluded idiots, genuinely believed the word ‘democratic’ or ‘people’s’ would fool anyone. Just as the Leftwaffe think we will be reassured if they tell us they mean no harm, no matter what our senses tell us.

These are the people who will kill your opinion if it’s ‘wrong’ whilst tweeting about the importance of free speech.

When it comes to irony, these people have a blind spot the size of a blue whale.

And it’s global. Recently, in Hungary, there was a peculiar occurrence. A Hungarian philosopher and writer, Ervin Nagy recently ran afoul of the Facebook police (the People’s Democratic Facebook Police to give them their full title).

This is nothing new. We’ve seen people who look in the mirror and see Mother Teresa staring back at them. What they forget is that Mother Teresa was a nutter who thought that pain and suffering would move you closer to God. Not such a nice person after all.

The cancellation of Nagy’s post arises from the fact that it was about the world’s most corrupt old coffin-dodger, the enemy of normality, Georgie Porgie.

Prehistoric Soros, a danger to himself and others, still wandering the corridors of power with all the dynamism and pong of an old dog’s fart in a bottle.

Now, what radical, foul, incendiary, offensive thing did Nagy write? What depraved, illiberal outrage did he force others to suffer? Well, it was this:

“This is a book of practical philosophy: It offers a conceptual framework that is meant to serve as a guide to action. I have been guided by that framework in both my moneymaking and philanthropic activities, and I believe that it can also apply to society at large: It provides the guiding principles for a global open society.”

Were that not enough to make the censor’s nose bleed, Nagy followed up with another powerful right hook:

“On the practical level, I have established a network of foundations devoted to fostering open societies. This network covers all the countries of the former Soviet empire, and has branched out to other parts of the world … Each national foundation has its own board and staff who decide their own priorities and take responsibility for the activities of the foundation within their own countries. They support civil society; they also try to work with the central and local governments because a democratic and effective government is an essential part of an open society, but often they are at loggerheads with the government or some of its activities.”

I know what you’re thinking…it’s not very inflammatory is it? Is this the sort of thing that cause someone to be banned from social media? It certainly doesn’t seem to be that sort of thing, does it? Nevertheless, within minutes, the Facebook censor, ever vigilant and never wrong, applied a stamp to first the photo of Soros that accompanied the quotes, and then the quotes themselves. Based on the ‘factfinder’, Nagy learnt that the information (even the photo) was:

“FALSE. Nothing more than a picture and an unfounded claim.”

But they’re not false, are they? Nagy was merely quoting Soros’s own words.

It’s a tactical manoeuvre in the never-ending battle to get the Leftwaffe to admit the existence of Soros’s plan. A plan which does exist. A plan which involves, as we have witnessed, meddling in the affairs of democratically elected governments, both local and central when he disagrees with them, or they with him.

The existence of Soros’s master plan is not disputed by the dinosaur himself, but the cannier members of his organisations recognise that this is indeed a big mistake – people don’t like to be played upon like banjos, after all.

With that in mind, Soros’s minions do their utmost to hide this awkward fact; the fact that there is a plan to interfere and control, and that Soros has admitted the same.

So, Snopes stated, definitively, that Nagy was spreading fake news when he posted quotes from Soros about Soros’s plans for the world. J K Rowling stated a biological fact, something that we all learnt at school. Two facts stated on social media. Two casualties as a direct result of people not wanting others to face facts.

This is starting to transmogrify into something else.

It’s one thing to remove lies from social media.

It’s one thing to silence those who seek to profit from lies spreading on the internet.

But this doesn’t fall into either of those categories, does it?

This is something else. This is truth, deemed ‘inconvenient’ by ultra-liberals, being removed from public sight.

George Orwell, come back, you’re not finished yet.