"Baby machines"?! Are you seriously prepared to write that down?

Where Hungary is concerned, The Guardian is prepared to engage in women-bashing.


Tímea Szabó is one of the ‘Shout! Shout!’ group of Hungarian ‘opposition’ MPs who employ artificially-induced fits of outrage to draw attention to themselves and the lies they are addicted to. She’s also convinced that the Hungarian government is merely paying lip service to the concept of making it easier for people to have as many children as they’d like.

The thing is, however, that’s she’s wrong. Whether she’s trying, once again, to damage the Hungarian government by misrepresenting their policies and achievements, or whether she genuinely believes the rubbish she’s spouting, is neither here nor there. The point is that the Hungarian government is doing what it thinks it should be doing.

Unsurprisingly, that’s not how The Guardian sees it. Banging away on his keyboard, Shaun ‘Condescending’ Walker, takes aim at Orbán.

Formidable feminist he undoubtably is, Mr Walker seems to be a modern man, one who disapproves of children. We can only hope that he avoids the next stage, that of Australian male vegans undergoing vasectomies in order to save the environment!

The populations of most European countries are in decline. In most European countries people are not having enough children to cover the number of annual deaths recorded. Populations, obviously, are shrinking.

Now, there are different ways of reacting to this news. Some people react, oddly enough, with relief. Swedish researchers found, for example, that having children is the most destructive thing a person can unleash upon the planet. King Herod, come back, all is forgiven, it would appear.

Moving swiftly on from such extreme so-called solutions to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, we’re all only too aware that some countries see the solution to an ageing workforce and the lack of labour in importing surgeons and engineers. Merkel, Germany’s arrogant leader decided, you might recall, to solve the whole of Europe’s demographic problems this way in 2015. If only she’d had the humility to ask first rather than assuming she was Queen of Europe, eh?

But, to Hungary, and the way the Hungarian government has decided to tackle this problem. The Hungarian government has restructured the benefits available. Huge amounts of money have been requisitioned with one goal in mind: to make it financially easier for people to have the number of children they would like.

Of course, the ever-condescending Mr Walker doesn’t think much of this plan, referring to a process of creating ‘baby machines’.


‘Baby machines’. Just think about the world of condescension and disdain that are embodied in Mr Walker’s choice of words.

If a non-liberal referred to a woman as a ‘baby machine’ they would be strung up, castigated, rebuked beyond reason. Someone stating such a phenomenally insulting view could surely expect nothing less, could they? But Mr Walker is a liberal. As we’ve repeatedly seen, the rules for liberals are different from those for other, normal mortals. Let’s also not forget that when liberals bemoan women as ‘baby machines’, it’s white Christian or Jewish women they mean. Liberals would never tell point out to Muslim immigrants that the environment makes no distinction when baby-induced damage is concerned. Non-Christian immigrants are not to be touched. They have the right, unlike the rest of us, to have as many children as they fancy.

The Hungarian government has recognised that whilst many Hungarians wanted to have larger families, without the necessary financial security, these families didn’t feel that their lives were economically secure. It’s a well-documented fact that raising children is not the cheapest of activities, and it’s surely irresponsible to risk things, only to potentially condemn your family to poverty if things don’t work out.

Now, we have to consider another point which is deeply linked to this government policy: finance. If the economy is in a pitiful state, as it was when the socialists had run it into the ground prior to 2010, then kind words are all that can be offered. Kind words, however, won’t pay for nappies and the like, so that’s a non-starter. In order for the Hungarian birth rate to increase, the country’s finances had to first be put in order. When that task was achieved, while the unemployment figures were being reduced from 12% to below 4%, when the sovereign debt was being reduced from 84% to below 66%, the Hungarian government, true to its word, began the process of reducing the burden on those who wanted to have children.

And the government recognised that money, though hugely important, is not the whole picture. Nurseries were built from the functioning economy, resulting in a 60% increase in nursery places in the decade following 2010. Families were offered financial support when they were expecting a baby, they were offered financial support in extending their homes to cater for a bigger family.

And what results have we seen? Well, the negative demographic trends which we previously saw in Hungary are being reversed. By offering people financial security in addition to preparing the infrastructure required to handle an increase in children, Hungarians have shown that it can be done. There is no necessity to import workforce. If you can do it yourself, why wouldn’t you?

The Hungarian government is family-friendly. Women with 4 or more children are exempt from paying personal income tax for the rest of their lives. More and more countries are looking at the results that have been achieved in Hungary.

But The Guardian doesn’t approve. Mr Walker sees the Hungarian government’s policy as one of:

“paying people to have more children”

The idea that someone would become pregnant, carry a baby for 9 months, give birth, and then raise a child or children just for the chance of some extra cash from the government is as insulting as it is stupid.

These are, quite obviously, people who want to have children. What Mr Walker is suggesting is that these money-grabbing Hungarian women are so motivated by cash that they’d alter the course of their lives for a few extra quid. That, once again, is as insulting as only a Guardian journalist can be. What lies at the base of Mr Walker’s article, once more, is the new face of imperialism. He’s from the West. He knows better. We, poor, barely-sentient bipeds from Central Europe don’t have the right to determine what we’d like. This is the British Empire, once again. This time in word, and not deed, but it’s the same mentality that drives it.

Sneer all you like Mr Walker, and then ring your mum up and call her a ‘baby machine’. After that, go and tell the Muslims that they’ll have to reduce their families, perhaps you could suggest that they, like the Australian vegans, could consider a vasectomy.