There was an explosion of sorts in Hungary recently. The eruption in parliament was related to someone jumping, with both feet, onto one of the Leftwaffe’s most dearly-treasured political mines.

Yes, someone dared suggest that the Left, and Soros, the modern-day sacred cow for the liberals and the Left, are akin to what the Nazis and Hitler were all about.

Forrás: AFP

Was there an explosion of outrage? You can bet your life there was. Was there an exponential increase in sensational, spectacular, impassioned, electrified idioms? What a daft question! Of course there was! All the liberals and Left-wingers suddenly began to generate turns of phrase that wouldn’t have been out of place in an action-packed novel.

Now, the rights or wrongs of this particular skirmish between conservative thinkers and the ones who habitually, and sometimes deliberately, misinterpret the world that we live in are not what I plan to discuss.

Rather, I think we should have a look at something which, although peculiar, has, for the most part, been accepted by the majority of society.

That peculiar concept is the idea that the Left, and the Left alone possess copyright on the idea of anything being derided as Anti-Semitic, Fascist, or Nazi-esque. Think about it; it’s a very odd idea. Here is a group of a particular political world view who have claimed for their exclusive use a selection of powerful, vivid stigmas, insults which carry far more weight than your common or garden variety, due to the obvious historical connotations involved.

That’s quite a weapon to claim in one’s arsenal, isn’t it? And in Hungary, it’s one which is rarely allowed to gather dust.

The trouble is that this notion, the one which stands out like a sore thumb in Hungarian politics reveals a stunning level of hypocrisy that can be turned on, like a tap, by the liberal Left.

When it comes to deriding people as anti-Semites©, fascists©, or Nazis©, then for the liberal Left there is only one target: the conservatives. The message they continually try to hammer home into the heads of the Hungarian electorate and the wider world is that Hungarian conservatives are, in fact, the direct descendants of the anti-Semitic, fascists and Nazis we recognise from the 20th century. To be honest, they seem to have more success in peddling this tasteless crap outside of Hungary, which at least says something for Hungarian common sense.

The liberal Left don’t hold back with their outrageous, scandalous, obnoxious abuse in other forms either, it’s not only verbal, the same worn-out insults are delivered visually, too.

Take for example, a cover of the Hungarian liberal weekly ‘Magyar Narancs’ in 2015. The cover featured the Prime Minister of Hungary, Orbán Viktor, presented as Hitler, with a Hitler moustache created from barbed wire.

Forrás: Facebook / Magyar Narancs

The liberals and the Left seek to suggest that a democratically elected Prime Minister is somehow akin to one of the 20th century’s most notorious dictators, a man who was responsible for the destruction of the continent, the deaths of God knows how many, and the attempted destruction of more than one race of people?!

Where are the morals of these people? A despicable message like that, casually tossed out by a journalist with photoshop skills? That is nothing short of reprehensible.

And yet, as we have come to expect, there was no outcry of note. Once again, claiming that it all relates to the Left’s affinity with the arts, in situations like this, the West and the liberals all chuckle and titter, speaking of ‘wit’, ‘humour’, and of ‘hitting the nail on the head, even if it is a bit close to the bone’.

Not one of them stops to think, not even for a moment, that comparing a present-day elected prime minister to someone who is considered to be the epitome of evil, is a foul, repellent denunciation, not another outstanding example of the left-wing’s ‘oh-so-droll’ wit.

How can one defend against an attack like that? Well, normally, there wouldn’t really be a necessity for defence. Normally, everyone in the world would recognise the repugnant nature of what has been said or implied, and the world would stand up to demand an apology in the name of the person who has been insulted in such an unforgivable manner. But, these are not normal days, people.

This is Hungary, where the Leftwaffe operate an elastic yardstick, one they stretch to accommodate anything coming from their side before allowing the yardstick to contract to a much-reduced size so that they can use it to censure the democratically elected government and the majority of Hungarian society that put them into parliament.

It’s the hypocrisy of the issue that we need to concentrate on. It’s one thing to compare someone to Hitler, to call them a fascist, to accuse them of anti-Semitism. It’s a foul thing to do. But to claim this ‘tactic’ for yourself, to claim this degrading insult as your own reveals far more about you than your opponents.

And the hypocrisy just won’t go away. It matters not that the Leftwaffe, understandably, choose to pretend that there is nothing there. It is no wonder that the Leftwaffe seek to divert attention away from this howling, glaring affront to basic human decency.

But they can’t, can they? No, because the guilt that they would like to lay at the doorstep of others in actual fact should be laid at their own feet.

The entirety of what passes for the Hungarian ‘opposition’ seems unable to do anything but shout in shock and amazement at anything which crosses their path.

What they lack in intelligent and logical thought, they more than make up for with volume and indignation.

But, however hard they push the idea that their indignation results purely from conservatives daring to suggest that what Soros is unleashing upon Europe is akin to what the Nazis did, albeit with a different group now in the crosshairs, when we start to examine the facts, the foundations upon which the ‘opposition’ stand are very quickly revealed to be nothing more than quicksand.

In November 2012, Jobbik Member of Parliament, Gyöngyösi Márton urged that a list be put together of how many members of parliament had Jewish roots, as they represented a potential threat to national security.

There was a predictable reaction to his statement, and he then apologised. But, several years down the line, Jobbik have now been accepted into the fold, and Gyöngyösi, is now an MEP, representing Jobbik in Brussels.

So, Jobbik, the self-declared radical right-wing, the ‘bad boys’ of Hungarian politics, openly encouraged the introduction of legislation identifying Jews. Now, of course, as part of the grand opposition, siding with the rest of the liberal Left spectrum, all is forgiven. The incident has been brushed under the carpet as though it never happened.

Continuing with Jobbik, in more recent times, the strands come together, once more. In August 2020, the Hungarian opposition, all those good, liberal, left-wing, self-proclaimed democrats and anti-racists to a man, joined forces behind an unfortunately somewhat porcine Jobbik candidate for a by-election in October.

Forrás: MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

The only political parties to have a problem with this man who, let’s face it, does look like a pig that’s learnt to walk on its hind legs, were the parties that form the Hungarian government. And what was their problem? Well, this man, this candidate for the position of Member of Parliament, is an anti-Semite. He went on record as referring to Budapest as “Judapest”, due to the high population of Jews to be found in the capital city. He further referred to Israeli tourists as having “lice-ridden side curls”. Having apologised on social media, not one of the liberal Left parties lining up behind him saw any need to complain about his comments.

So, only the conservatives can be guilty of anti-Semitism, it would appear. ‘Minor mayor’ of Budapest, a devout defender of Jews in Hungary, didn’t have a problem with Biró either. According to ‘minor mayor’, the man had atoned for his sins when he apologised on social media.

Forrás: MTI / Szigetváry Zsolt

Ah, it’s that simple is it? Well, for the Leftwaffe, yes.

And so, to Fletó. Gyurcsány ’Fletó’ Ferenc. Yes, the man who famously claimed that if Fidesz were to call someone a Jew, then he, too, is a Jew. If Fidesz were to call someone a gypsy, then he, too, is a gypsy. Drama and melodrama come to a peak with Fletó because, of course, Fidesz never said anything of the sort. Not that that stopped Fletó from trying to wring as much political capital as he could from this imaginary insult.

What a firebrand, eh?

And this, let’s not forget that this comes from the most hypocritical man in Hungarian politics.

Where does he reside? Yes, that’s right, in the villa which came, via his 3rd wife’s grandfather, to his daughter, and thence to her daughter. Apró Antal was gifted shared tenancy of a villa in Buda’s most fashionable district. A villa that was nationalised, i.e. confiscated, by the communist state. A villa originally owned by a Jewish family. A villa that remained the property of the Jewish family even after the fascist Arrow Cross took control in Hungary. The property was listed as belonging to non-Aryans, but the family continued to reside there, unmolested probably as a result of the exemplary actions of members of the family during WWI. The communists were not so principled. They nationalised the villa, Apró, the grandfather of Fletó’s 3rd wife, moved in, and his family have been ensconced there ever since.

How’s that for hypocrisy? A doyen of the Hungarian Leftwaffe, criticising others for anti-Semitism, all whilst sitting in a villa that the communists in his wife’s family stole from Jews.

“And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” Matthew 7:3

It’s a fair question, isn’t it? Beyond answering the question, it’s high time that the copyright that the Left seem to think they have on the terms ‘anti-Semite’, ‘fascist’, and ‘Nazi’ was abolished.

If anyone acts in an anti-Semitic, fascist, or Nazi-esqe manner, whether they declare themselves to be liberals, Left-wingers, members of the Leftwaffe, or anything else, they should expect to be branded as what they are, rather than what they claim and profess to be. And a belated apology on Facebook or Twitter should not be considered a true mea culpa.