Not the original Van Der Heusen.

Yet another Western imperialist at the back door.

Apparently, there’s nothing to be happy about. Apparently, or at least according to an article by Luuk Van Middelaar, it’s disastrous that Europe will only potentially achieve an 11th-hour compromise in the debate about the rule of law mechanism.

Van Middelaar was a member of the cabinet of Herman Van Rompuy, the first President of the European Council, and one of the men appointed by the EPP to see if the time had come to shoot the (now unrecognisably liberal) EPP in the foot once more by expelling Fidesz, to date the most successful member the EPP has ever known.

Van Middelaar is of the opinion that yet another 11th-hour compromise is a bad thing. It’s becoming the norm in the EU, and that tells of deep troubles in the depths. Personally, I’d have thought that any compromise would be a positive result. Surely the work of a politician is to achieve compromise? Surely the EU is meant to negotiate with the Member States in order to achieve something that satisfies everyone?

What Van Middelaar would prefer, by implication, is a world in which either we all think the same way, or a world in which we are told what to do, and do it, without question. For him to consider that a system organised along those lines would be progressive speaks volumes about where he didn’t grow up.

Van Middelaar speaks about an existential crisis to be found in the EU. He mentions that for Western Europe, there is bitterness at the reluctance of former Soviet satellite states to simply assume the behaviour that the Western Europeans want them to.

“…“them” becoming like “us””

Where Van Middelaar misses the point, however, is by ascribing this reluctance on the part of the Central and Eastern Europeans to differences in opinion about democracy.

In writing that, he’s merely repeating the insults that we have been branded with by liberals for decades now. We should all remember the mantra:

just because the liberal media state it repeatedly doesn’t make it so.

I would suggest that a lot of Central and Eastern Europeans are extremely concerned about the continual attempts on the part of Western Europe to force us to resign our own beliefs and assume yours. That’s what we’re being asked to do. We are told repeatedly that our views and opinions, our way of seeing the world is, not to put too fine a point on it, wrong.

But it’s not, is it? How on earth can a way of seeing the world be described as ‘wrong’? Surely, differences are things which can be tolerated, if not immediately embraced? Why do we hear so much about diversity, if diversity of opinion is continually crushed under the jackboot of the EU?

The cultural imperialism which floods from the West to the East is no more morally acceptable than the cultural imperialism which led the Belgians to the Congo, or the British to other parts of Africa and beyond. We cannot allow a distinction to be made between thoughts and deeds. Thoughts will necessarily lead to deeds. The Empire-builders subjugated those nations they thought were inferior. Because they thought they were inferior, they acted upon their beliefs.

The fact that we are now exposed to this superior-inferior concept without accompanying armies doesn’t make it any less repugnant.

In an older article, Van Middelaar highlighted that at the Rome summit in 2017, the 27 presidents and prime ministers of the EU must embark on something more than delivering mere soundbites. Rather, they must:

“protect, improvise, and allow opposition”

Thus, Van Middelaar writes of the need for sharing the responsibility for external borders. Further, he writes, concerning improvisation, that the EU, lacking the ability to move quickly, or the legitimacy to rule in certain areas, must work in conjunction with Member States, not against them. And what of the third point? Well, we’ve all seen how well that’s played out over the past few years. Van Middelaar underlines that the more disputes arise, the more the public will demand to be heard.

Fine, that was written in 2017, but I think we all know that those items which he highlighted as being of supreme importance for the continued running of the EU have been cast aside by the ever-increasingly-sure-of-their-own-truth liberals.

What solidarity have we seen? The V4 have assisted each other with border defence duties, whilst the EU dilly-dallied about offering money to pay the bills, all the while fibbing through the media that they were refunding half of Hungary’s bills.

Hungary urged the expansion of the EU to allow Serbia, and other frontline states access to the EU so that a united front could be formulated against illegal economic migrants. The liberals poured cold water on that idea straightway. What?! More people from the East? They won’t treat their one-legged, gender-confused three-toed sloths in an appropriate way like we would: keep ‘em out!

So, we’ve seen no solidarity to speak of. Solidarity in the EU of late has been a one-way street, comprised solely of countries being willing to accept that which their populations reject.

That’s not solidarity, that’s either national socialism or socialism. Either way, it’s not democracy, but dictatorship.

Improvisation? Well, that, too, has had the jackboot of the EU placed well and truly upon its windpipe. Member States like Hungary react to the pandemic by scouring the globe for medical supplies and vaccines, whilst the EU stand by, as nimble as a dead cat, carping incessantly about the non-existence of national sovereignty, and the fact that we should all wait for them to sort things out, no matter how many lives that costs. Presumably, we can invite illegal migrants to bolster the numbers, eh?

And so, to the third point that Middelaar thought needed bolstering in 2017: the fact that the EU must allow opposition. Well, three years have passed, and we can all see how well this idea has fared, can’t we?

Yes, with our opposition to allowing the veritable tidal wave of illegal economic migrants to trample all over our farmland and that which we hold dear, we have earned for ourselves the imperialistic wrath of the West, those who, so much more developed than us, feel that importing bucketloads of people from God-only-knows-where is the answer to the question of how to increase the number of German brain surgeons available at any one time.

As the man said in 2017, opposition should be allowed. If it’s not, then we know exactly where the EU’ll end up, don’t we? Yes, in an existential crisis.

Wake up, wake up, the liberals’ refusal to allow dissenting opinion has brought us to that point.

Perhaps, a little bit of respect from the West might soothe the troubled waters. Perhaps not. After all, that would require the West to put away their imperialist blinkers for good, and I can’t see that happening any time soon.