Some things will, apparently, never change.

The use of the corona vaccine (of all things) as a new tool with which to beat Hungary.


And so it has come to this: Falus “The Phallus” Ferenc, a discredited fool, an ex-chief medical officer, a man who is renowned not for any intelligent remarks or insights, but rather for making an absolute arse of himself, has been selected as a spearhead of the campaign against the democratically elected prime minister of Hungary.

Falus is the man who, when angling to become mayor of Budapest, undertook the ice-water bucket challenge as a means to raise his profile, and thus secure for himself the job in question. His performance was the only thing that stuck in people’s minds. Even now, in Hungary, he’s only remembered as the old fool being drenched by a woman with a bucket, accompanied only by a bemused horse and a screaming child.

Outside of Hungary, for reasons unclear, this dusty, old muppet of the past, has been sought out by those who seek to damage Hungary. In a perplexing article in the British Medical Journal in 2020, Falus’s words were used to suggest that Hungary is politically untenable. Quite why a political attack was deemed necessary in betwixt articles on knee cartilage and the like remains unclear. Also enduringly perplexing was what Falus meant when he spoke of Hungary as a “virtual dictatorship”.

Politico have now decided that this simpleton should be the new spearhead to attack their favourite bogeyman, Orbán Viktor.

The article in question is part of a larger anti-Orbán campaign being waged by the Leftwaffe in order to undermine the present Hungarian government and enable the mostly hopeless Hungarian opposition to mount a serious challenge to Fidesz in the elections in 2022.

And once again, the campaign is deeply troubling: what the opposition actually want is to harm their own country. Pathetic as the opposition are, this is the only way they can see of undermining the present government. We’ve seen this all the way through the coronavirus pandemic. Opposition MPs and MEPs were crass enough to comment on Orbán’s ‘luck’ regarding the Iranians who were the first to bring the coronavirus to Hungary, thereby solidifying public opinion regarding immigrants and the need to stop uncontrolled migration.

According to the article, the statistic that only 15% of Hungarians are willing to be vaccinated is the fault of Orbán’s government. The writer of the article reaches this rather convoluted conclusion by first suggesting that people’s confidence in the Russian and Chinese might (MIGHT) have been dented by the fact that the vaccines didn’t arrive as quickly as was initially promised. Following this suggestion, in an astonishingly clumsy leap of bent logic, the writer then states that as Orbán talked up the arrival of the Chinese and Russian vaccines instead of spending time encouraging people to have themselves inoculated, he is to blame for the reluctance. To the Leftwaffe, Orbán’s always to blame.

Falus “The Phallus” Ferenc, then sticks his oar in, blaming Orbán for not jumping to attention when the EU issued their orders:

“Hungary is a member of the European Union, and they should follow the rules and do the same things the other countries are doing,”

stated the prim, po-faced, priggish little Phallus.

Fotó: MTI/Illyés Tibor

And what is it exactly, Phallus, that the other countries have been doing, that we haven’t? We were the ones rushing about the globe to acquire ventilators, whilst the EU, true to form, was considering whether a new committee should be set up to consider the effect of the coronavirus on one-legged, lesbian dwarves.

The article then states that Hungarians are sceptical of coronavirus vaccines in general, a statement which seems to be at odds with their earlier claims.

So, there’s some backtracking going on. Now they’re not so sure that all the blame can be laid at Orbán’s feet.

Be that as it may, they soon get back into the swing of things:

“Public health experts say Orbán has wasted precious time...”

What they mean by “Public health experts” is, however, Falus “The Phallus” Ferenc, he of the bucket challenge, once more.

Forrás: YouTube

This man is an ex-chief medical officer. A man who wanted, in his own words:

“…to break Fidesz’s attempt to gain control of the nation’s capital.”

It beggars belief to consider that Politico have dug up Phallus for their campaign. His licence to practise medicine ran out in 2010. That’s right, 10 years ago. He has no up-to-date medical knowledge. He openly admits that he has no current licence to practise medicine. He possesses as much professional medical knowledge as anyone who can read a newspaper. He, like most people, is not entitled to write even the simplest prescription. And yet, this is the man that Politico turn to for expert medical assessments concerning Hungary!

Orbán has also gained Phallus’s disdain by not following the liberal line as regards the Russians. Phallus disapproves of what he sees as Orbán trying to score points with Putin.

Of course, he neglects to mention that he began his university studies in the Soviet Union. He returned to Hungary after two years in Moscow, obtaining his medical degree in 1975.

So, curiously, here’s Orbán being roundly castigated for negotiating with a democratically elected Russian President by someone who willingly went to start his university studies under the Communist dictator, Brezhnev.

Leonid Brezhnev
Leonid Brezhnev Forrás: AFP

We then read how Falus was aghast at the requirements involved in registering for the vaccination, namely: name, address, age, e-mail address, telephone number and social security number. But, isn’t it a good idea for the government to know who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t? Isn’t the use of personal data the simplest way of identifying people? Isn’t your social security number habitually used to identify you for medical purposes? So, why the outrage? If Phallus is driven to outrage at the Hungarian request for information, I dare say he’ll be apoplectic when he learns that the Spanish are compiling a list of those who refuse the vaccine.

This article is nothing more than an attack on Hungary’s government. The main sources of information that the article uses are all people who would like nothing better than to see Orbán fail. These are people who would wish harm on their own countrymen in order to regain power. Politico are assisting those who would be king. But behind the Leftwaffe’s faux concern lies nothing less than heartlessness and a wanton lust for power.