The Colonialists are dead! Long live the Colonialists!

“The more it stays the same, the less it changes”

(Spın̈al Tap: The Majesty of Rock)

A recent interview with the French European Affairs Minister in the FT revealed, once again, that the Western world has, to all intents and purposes, made up its mind about the Eastern part of the continent.

Forrás: AFP

By ‘Eastern part’ I mean Hungary and Poland, the modern-day, go-to scapegoats for the liberals and the Leftwaffe.

It matters not that we have been correcting people’s woefully ill-informed, false opinions about this part of the world, they still dedicate themselves to believing the utter tosh that political opponents of the governments in question unleash in the media daily.

And before the muttering of ‘sour grapes’ begins, let’s just think about the way the Westerners are going about this. Far from sitting on the horse backwards, they’re sitting on the horse backwards and upside down: if a member of an elected government desires official information about France, or Great Britain, or Scotland, or…well anywhere, what is the path that he or she would be expected to pursue?

Exactly! That person would ask the relevant government, or government organisation to provide information to answer whatever questions they had, wouldn’t they? Of course they would. If Boris Johnson wants to find out something about the situation regarding French legislation relating to the proposed crackdown on religious radicals in France, he will contact the relevant French governmental department. So, that’s fine, is it? That’s what we’d expect, is it? OK. I’m on board with that one, too. But my question is this: If this is what we’d all expect to happen in a case involving Great Britain and France, then why does the logic fall apart when it comes to our part of the world?

In the interview with the FT, France’s Europe Minister once again repeats the lies that not only have been put about for years, but have been repeatedly corrected, time, and time, and time again, for about a decade now.

And this reveals one important, devastating fact: that the governments of Western Europe have decided to regard us as backward savages in need of being controlled so that we might make a useful contribution.

Does any of that sound vaguely familiar?

Yes, it’s the same line that a lot of these same European nations used to trot out in the days when they set about striding the globe, carving it up for their own, personal gain.

And that’s an astonishing example of how little they have progressed.

Think about the liberals and the Leftwaffe. Think, in particular, about how a lot of them have spent their time over the summer just gone.

Statues, a lot of statues, have been vandalised, pulled down, damaged, or destroyed. And what were the reasons given for this wanton violence against static objects?

Yes, the basic reason was that these statues were statues of racists. These monuments in stone and metal were objected to because they represented, indeed, placed onto pedestals men who colonialised other nations, men who thought that other races of humanity were inferior to them.

Now, this is no time to debate the destruction of erected-monuments to historical figures and whether viewing history through woke-tinted glasses is a good idea or not.

But, it might be a good idea to draw the attention of this generation of ‘woke warriors’ that there’s a more recent target that they should be expressing outrage about. That’s right, there they all are, busily attacking objects d’art which they disapprove of due to the inherent colonialist and imperialist implications, whilst there are modern-day victims, right here in Europe!


Now, I’m not so naïve to ever believe that we’d get a less-than-frosty reception from any ‘woke warriors’ who were even prepared to listen to our cries, but it’s worth considering the twisted world we live in. There are plenty of people demonstrating against statues that were erected, decades ago. There are people who emphatically demand that universities change their names due to being named after people, long dead, who didn’t have the same, enlightened views on race as they do. And let’s not say anything about the elephant in the room; about the fact that pretty much nobody back then had the same, enlightened views on race as they do.

But, even as these members of the ‘woke generation’ shriek, scream, and holler, demanding and, indeed commanding that these monuments which they find offensive be removed, they are somehow blinded to the irony which they have been stranded in for some time now.

These ‘woke warriors’ are blind to the fact that the Central and Eastern Europeans are being discriminated against. The majority of Western Europe is perfectly content to believe in their own superiority, just as they did when they set off about the globe enslaving whichever nation they deemed inferior to them. Nothing has changed. The belief behind the attitude hasn’t changed, and from that belief flows the river of arrogance that feeds the attitude in the West.

Forrás: Wikimédia Commons

As far as the West are concerned, we’re inferior. That’s the message.

And although the different generations in the West disagree on many, many things, the idea that those of us who live outside the West are inferior, has been accepted by all, it would seem. The French Minister for Europe doesn’t bother asking the Hungarian government; he’s already decided that, given their inferiority to the French nation, they’d doubtless lie. Better instead to ask NGOs which have set up office in Hungary, they’re bound to know better.

That is an insult. That is incredibly insulting. That is akin to me asking a radical imam about the viability of France’s new law to bring conservative, radical Muslims under control. Do you think that he’s liable to repeat the French government’s line? Not a bit of it! Nobody would ever expect that to happen!

But that’s what you’re doing when it comes to dealing with us.

That’s exactly what you’re doing when you presume to ask NGOs for their opinions of laws initiated by the government.

What you are doing is telling us that we are inferior to the Western NGOs that have been installed in Hungary.

What you’re advocating is imperialism, pure and simple.

And, for all the differences that exist in your societies, you can be sure of one thing: none of the ‘woke warriors’ are going to defend us. They, too, are of the West, they, too, for all their empathy and understanding of those on the receiving end of colonialist ideas agree that we are, oh-so-obviously inferior to you all.

You’re wrong, of course, but we’ll just have to bide our time for the wool to be pulled away from your eyes. It’ll probably be a long wait. But it’ll be worth it. Our sovereignty is at stake here. Our way of life. Don’t you dare forget that.