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Soros doesn't stop to draw breath (which, given his age, is pretty risky)

No sooner had we celebrated the rare occurrence of witnessing the success of common sense over liberal ideology, than, with startling speed for a 90-year-old, Soros rushed to his keyboard, and casting off the years as his blood begins to boil, hammers out a vitriolic denunciation of…guess who?

Yes, that’s right; Soros’s only scapegoat, the man who stole the sun from his heart: Viktor Orbán. 

Of course, that’s not actually how it happened. I refuse to believe that Soros retains the mental capacity to turn his hearing aids on for himself, let alone bash out a cohesive sentence, with punctuation, on a word processor. Still, that’s beside the point.

Written from New York, and therefore as reliant as ever on second- and third-hand information, Soros’s article lashes out at Orbán’s success. That success being diametrically opposed to what Soros has decided is the way for us to develop globally. Thanks for asking, George.

Forrás: AFP

Once again, the language of the article is melodramatic, it speaks of ‘surrender’, ‘the worst of all possible worlds’, ‘cronies’, and ‘rogue states’. Intriguingly, and somewhat alarmingly, the last time the term ‘rogue states’ was bandied about was when Clinton was ratcheting up the pressure on such states as Iraq. That was, of course, before they sent in the troops and allowed democracy to bloom in the ruins that they left.

One presumes that, being the great puppet master, it would suit Georgie Porgie down to the ground to have the same fate befall Hungary. Demented, old, arrogant, meddling twat that he is.

Soros’s ghost-writers go on to list the crimes that he thinks Orbán is guilty of. This is the same old, tired set of lies that the liberals trot out on a perennial basis, all the while elevating Soros as some sort of nutty nonagenarian, specks of bitter, poisonous spittle forever visible at the corners of his quivering mouth

We knew that the attack would start as soon as we heard that common sense had, for once, prevailed in the EU. But this was a demonstration of speed and no mistake.

That the Soros global liberal network were waiting, fingers at the ready, to launch another broadside reveals how important a stronghold the V4 are for the cause of common sense. In essence, they are the last hope of thwarting the rampant liberal Leftwaffe that Soros has installed in the centre of power in Brussels.

V4 Forrás: MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Fischer Zoltán

And the global network of liberals, led by the man whose personality has been twisted by the fact of getting his own way far too many times, are not happy about it.

The article rips into Orbán, casting slurs upon his character, and personally slandering him. Orbán is accused, for example, of the theft of EU funds.

Orbán has stolen and misappropriated vast sums during his decade in power, including EU funds that should have gone to benefit the Hungarian people.

To be honest, even after having been repeatedly exposed to the tsunami of lies about this democratically elected Prime Minister, to this day, I find these unimaginative, baseless lies to be astonishing.

It has been well-documented that it was in the early days of Hungary’s EU membership that funds which were intended for the citizens of Hungary were diverted by the government. The socialist government. That’s what socialist governments do: they steal. Socialist governments may be considered very progressive in the West, but you’d have to be as blind as a bat to not see that in this part of the world, our history automatically means that socialism, far from being progressive, is regressive. Why can’t the liberals see that? Of course, they can actually see that, but they’d like another socialist or liberal government in power in Hungary so that the theft of EU funds could, once more, begin in earnest. It was the socialists that took the EU money intended for Hungarian farmers and then kept it for themselves. You wouldn’t know that from the bleating of Soros’s global network of liars, but then again, you shouldn’t be getting your information from a spittle-flecked, old man who’s lost his marbles, should you?

And corruption? Well, it’s happening all over again in Budapest, now that the liberals are back in control. Once again, the contracts signed (and claimed not to have been signed) with suppliers of buses are eerily and depressingly reminiscent of when the liberals and socialists were in office, stealing everything that wasn’t nailed down.

In Budapest corruption on that scale had been consigned to the past with conservatives in the driving seat. And the results are there to be seen, both in the capital and across the country. The development of Hungary in the last ten years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Don’t take my word for it, come and see for yourself. See how thousands of projects in the capital and all over Hungary were initiated and completed, look at the statistics that show the absorption rates of EU grants in Hungary: 104%! Now, try and make that tally with the continual barrage of lies that claim that money is continually being stolen. It can’t be done. It makes no logical sense. It is, in essence, nonsense. But the lies keep coming. It is impossible to steal all the money and yet build and rebuild the capital and the country. That is what is happening now, and it’s been happening ever since Fidesz came into power. This is not what is reported, but there’s a reason for that, the same old reason: Soros’s network wants our government pushed out of its path.

Forrás: MTI

People always talk about differences of opinion. There’s not a single person who can be expected to agree with your opinions 100% of the time. And we all accept this. We’re socialised to accept it. We have to accept it if we want to move forward. But Soros has a problem with accepting this.

This ancient tyrant wants the world to dance to his tune, and his tune alone.

So, given Soros’s despotic view of his own importance in the world, we should expect nothing else but lies, lies, and more lies about us, our country, our government, and our Prime Minister.

It’s time the liberals stopped lying. It’s high time the media opened their eyes. And it’s past time that Soros should have been relegated to somewhere more appropriate for a demented fool of his age. Georgie Porgie should be sat somewhere, watching a televised loop of a sunset with a blanket over his knees. That done, the world would be a much better place.